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[Photograph of a Man Wearing a Helmet]
Photograph of a man wearing a round helmet, a button-up shirt, and tie. In the background are trees, shrubs, and a fence. The shadow of the photographer’s head can be seen at the bottom of the photograph and below that are the words “Nov. 1951 Struder S. A. TE.”
[Photograph of an Older Man and Woman]
Photograph of an older man and woman standing together near a wooden water tank. The woman is wearing a dark buttoned jacket with a dress underneath. The man is wearing suspenders, a buttoned shirt, and a hat. Around them are trees and other kinds of plants and in the background is a hill. The wooden tank is on the left of the photograph. On the bottom are the words "Nov. 1951 Studer S. A. TE."
[Photograph of Joe Kaiser Playing Baseball]
Copy print of a photograph of Joe Kaiser playing baseball. He is wearing a baseball uniform and cap with the letters FW on it, and he is in the middle of pitching. There is another player standing in the background to the right. Joe's name and the year, ca. 1959, are written on the back.
[Photograph of Moriane Kirche]
Photograph of the building Moriane Kirche taking by Emil Niggli in 1950. It is a rear view of the building and shows a basketball hoop in the backyard. The building is made primarily of stone and part of the building has a circular shape. On the back of the photograph is a stamp from the Library of Congress regarding the unknown copyright of the piece.
[Photograph of Telephone Operators]
Telephone operators taking time out for a celebration. Calendar behind them reads "April 1954". Woman seated second to right appears to be holding some sort of phone equipment. Seated from left to right: Anita Winkel, Doris Kolmeier, Dorothy Besier, Julia Helmers, Irene Ketron Eckhardt, Ruby Schumann Reeh. Standing left to right: Mildred Nixon, Gladys Juenke, Elizabeth Weber, Dorothy Wehmeyer Weinheimer, Frances Moellendorf Stevens, Minnie Simon, Margaret Eckhardt, Mildred Kordzik Grona, Vernell Usener Ellebracht, Meta Pohler, Gertrude Fritz, Olivia Bernhard Lott. Written in the bottom right corner of the photograph is the year "1954." Stamped on the back is "The Radio Post, Fredericksburg, Texas" and the Kilman Studio's address.
[Photograph of Two Men Kneeling with a Dog]
Photograph of two men kneeling with a dog. One of the men is wearing a hat and is holding the dog. In the background are several trees and a hill. Behind some plants a fence can be seen and a part of a building is on the right edge of the photograph. On the bottom are the words "Nov. 1951 Studer S. A. TE."
[Portrait of William M. Petmecky]
Black and white photograph of a man posed for a portrait. Identified as William M. Petmecky, he is wearing a suit jacket with a vest, shirt, and tie underneath, although he is only visible from the chest up. He does not have much hair. According to handwriting on the back of the photograph, he was the president of the Texas Association of Fairs and Expositions.