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[Photograph of Bed in the Pioneer Museum]

Description: Photograph of a bed in the Pioneer Museum. There is a red plaid comforter on the bed with a red and white quilt. There is a decorative red and white pillow case with a butterfly on it. The bed is in front of a window. According to accompanying information, this picture was taken around Christmas in 1986.
Date: 1986

[Photograph of the Kammlah House Decorated for Christmas]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Kammlah House, in the Pioneer Museum, decorated for Christmas. There is a yellow shelf on the wall with Christmas decorations and an oil lamp on it. There are dried plants hanging from it, and a string of dried red peppers is hanging on the wall to the left. There are other items on the floor below it, including a basket of apples.
Date: 1986