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[Photograph of a Store in Fredericksburg]

Description: Negative of an unidentified store in Fredericksburg, Texas. It is a brick building with a decorative awning with carved posts and trim in front. There are some items in the display windows, but it is difficult to determine what they are. There are four shaped trees in planters in front, and there are parking meters along the sidewalk.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of a Teenage Boy]

Description: Portrait of a teenage boy. He is shown from his shoulders up. He is wearing a suit jacket and a plaid tie. On the bottom of the photo it says "Stanton Photo Company, Springfield, O." On the back there is a description on how to get Trilby photos made by the Stanton Photo Novelty Company.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Hay Baler]

Description: Photograph of the original hay baler. The photograph displays the machine and the small blocks of hay it makes. On the back it mentions the original patent holders of the device, William Wilke and Ira Wash and that the baler was operated by a mule on a tread mill.
Date: 1898/1899

[Photograph of the Fredericksburg National Bank]

Description: Photograph of the front of Fredericksburg national bank. The bank is located at the corner of a street and at the front of the building are a couple of cars. The sign on the corner points out interstates, a highway, and how far away nearby cities are. On the back of the photograph there is a stamp for Keller's Studio and a note for the current location of the bank.
Date: unknown