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[Portrait of a Woman]

Description: Portrait is a full body shot of an unidentified woman. She has her left arm leaning on a column. She is wearing a dark colored dress with a light collar and a necklace with a cross. It is matted on a light mat. The photograph company's address is printed on the back. Also "Mai 1870" is handwritten under the address.
Date: May 1870
Creator: Etablissement Photographique de Stalins & Janssens

[Portrait of a Woman]

Description: Portrait is a full-body shot of an unidentified woman posing with her left hand on a chair. She is wearing a dark-colored dress with a light-colored lacy collar and a necklace. The photograph is on a light mat and has "Meyersville, 1875" written on the back.
Date: 1875

[Confirmation Class at Vereins Kirche]

Description: Portraits of the last class to be confirmed in the Vereins Kirche. The nineteen portraits are bust shots of the students and reverend, mounted on a single mat. The women are wearing white traditional confirmation dresses, and the men are wearing dark suits and ties. A list of the students' names are numbered on the back.
Date: 1892

[Photograph of Fredericksburg's Fiftieth Anniversary Parade]

Description: Photograph of Fredericksburg's fiftieth anniversary parade. According to accompanying information, the parade took place on Main Street. There are several floats and horses coming down the street. The float in front has the dates 1846 and 1896 on the side. There are many spectators and carriages lining the street, and the rest of the town is visible in the background. The photograph is matted, and the name Hugo Kallenberg is written on the back.
Date: 1896

[Photograph of a Hay Baler]

Description: Photograph of the original hay baler. The photograph displays the machine and the small blocks of hay it makes. On the back it mentions the original patent holders of the device, William Wilke and Ira Wash and that the baler was operated by a mule on a tread mill.
Date: 1898/1899

[Photograph of Robert Striegler's House]

Description: Photograph of Robert Striegler's house on the main street in Fredericksburg, Texas. The view is of the front of the house. The building is two stories, made of stones, and the porch and balcony have railings. On the back is written: "Jabberwocky Antiques, 310 East Main St., Robt. Striegler House 1905."
Date: 1905