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[Photograph of Seventeen High School Seniors]

Description: Seventeen high school seniors standing and kneeling in the snow. All are wearing hats and coats, and some of the boys are holding snowballs and engaging in a snowball fight. All of girls wear skirts and dark leggings beneath their coats; and all of the boys wear neckties. Back of the photo is inscribed, "Seniors of '24. January - snow below campus". Numbers have been written on the image to identify each individual. Corresponding numbers and names are inscribed on the back as follows: 1. Alice Braeutigam; 2. Bertha Horlen (?); 3. Julia Knopp; 4. Edgar Kordiz; 5. Anita Winkle; 6. Theo Heyland; 7. Kurt Welgehausen; 8. William Petmecky; 9. Winton Scott; 10. Henry Rheinbach; 11. Harvey Streigler; 12. Enoch St. Clair; 13. Nolan Brown; 14. Eugene Jung; 15. Fred Oehler; 16. Herbert Merz; 17. Wesley Kuenemann. Also on the back of the photo is the processer's stamp which reads as follows: "Welgehausen's Fredericksburg, Tex. Kodak Finishing, Enlarging"
Date: January 1924

[Photograph of the O. D. H. S. Archway in Fredericksburg]

Description: Photograph of the O. D. H. S. decorative archway in Fredericksburg. The archway has a man on top and the letters O D H S on it, and it is covered in garland and lights. The following is printed in white at the bottom: "21. TE. Gross Loge. O. D. H. S. Fredericksburg, Texas. April. 14, 15, 16, 1924." The following stamp appears on the back: "Welgehausen's Kodak Finishing, Enlarging Fredericksburg, Tex."
Date: April 1924

[Photograph of Young Man Standing on the Steps of a Porch]

Description: Photograph of a young man standing on the steps leading up to the porch of a house. The house is wooden with a stone foundation, and it appears to be whitewashed. The young man is wearing a tie and a hat. There is a name written on the back which appears to say Arm. M. Voigt. There is a note written on the back that says that the photograph was taken in 1926. The following is stamped on the back: "Guaranteed for Life This is a Genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made By Fox Co., San Antonio, Texas, Copyrighted 1927 by Carl D. Newton."
Date: 1926

[Envelope for the Fox Company]

Description: Envelop for the Fox Company. The envelope advertises the prices for developing film and displays samples of the services offered by the Fox Company. These services include framed hand colored enlargement, the fox-tone border, and "new-tone" color scheme for photographs. The front has the name "Emil Jentsch" written on it.
Date: 1928
Creator: Fox Company