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[Photograph of Bed in the Pioneer Museum]

Description: Photograph of a bed in the Pioneer Museum. There is a red plaid comforter on the bed with a red and white quilt. There is a decorative red and white pillow case with a butterfly on it. The bed is in front of a window. According to accompanying information, this picture was taken around Christmas in 1986.
Date: 1986

[Photograph of the Kammlah House Decorated for Christmas]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Kammlah House, in the Pioneer Museum, decorated for Christmas. There is a yellow shelf on the wall with Christmas decorations and an oil lamp on it. There are dried plants hanging from it, and a string of dried red peppers is hanging on the wall to the left. There are other items on the floor below it, including a basket of apples.
Date: 1986

[Ad for Photo Enlargements with the Fox Company]

Description: Ad for photo enlargements with the Fox Company. The ad features a framed photograph of a girl wearing a coat, hat, and knee-high socks. Next to the photograph are the words "Special big picture made from any good film complete with beautiful easel folder nearly a foot big, Hand colored 65 cents, The Fox Company, San Antonio, TX." The Fox Company's stamp is on the back of the photograph and says "Guaranteed for Life, This is a Genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made By Fox Co., San Antonio, Texas, Copyrighted 1927 by Carl D. Newton."
Date: unknown
Creator: Fox Company

[A Blacksmith Shop]

Description: Black and white photograph of a wooden, two-level building identified as a blacksmith shop. There are two windows on the upper portion of the building's facade; one window is open. An open covered area is attached to the building on the left; underneath its roof is a horse cart. In front of the building are two men. The man to the left is standing next to a horse with his arm draped on its neck. He is holding a tool in his other hand. One other horse and a horse cart are partially visible in the background.
Date: unknown