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[Court House in Fredericksburg, Texas]

Description: Black and white postcard that has a quarter chunk of it cut out. The picture on the front of the postcard is the Fredericksburg courthouse. It is surrounded by an iron fence. An unpaved road is visible in the foreground. An electrical pole is also visible in front of the courthouse's iron fence. The back of the postcard is dated and addressed to a Mr. Alberth Kramer. The author of the handwritten message, which is written in German, is signed by Adolf Filter, Jr.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of a Edna Schopp]

Description: Postcard of Edna Schopp standing next to a chair in a white dress. Her name is written on the back.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of a Man]

Description: Postcard of an oval portrait of an unidentified man in profile. He is wearing a dark suit with a light-colored hat, facing right. The postcard company's information is printed on the back.
Date: unknown
Creator: Electric Post Card Studio

[Postcard of the Court House in Fredericksburg, Texas]

Description: Postcard of the court house in Fredericksburg, Texas. According to accompanying information, this is the second court house. It is a large brick and stone building, and there is a windmill and a water tower to the left of it.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Vereins Kirche]

Description: Photograph of Vereins Kirche in Fredericksburg, Texas. The building serves as an extension of the Pioneer Museum. It is in the shape of a hexagon and has a flag pole that is flying both the US and Texas flags. The space for correspondence is blank.
Date: unknown

[Postcard from Fred to Mrs. Gus Jentsch, July 21, 1915]

Description: Postcard from Fred to his sister Mrs. Gus Jentsch. The correspondence is written in German. On the front is a photograph of a brick building on a corner of a street. The building is two floors and houses the Little Red Onion Cafe and the Sanitex Clothes Shop. The clothes shop has a few stairs leading up to its door. Part of the shops can be seen through the front windows. The sidewalk in front of the stores is lined with trees.
Date: July 21, 1915

[Postcard of the Fredericksburg Court House and Park]

Description: Postcard of the Fredericksburg, Texas Court House and Park. On the back written in blue pen is "Summer 1911" and "Augusta Gibson married Harne Miles later." Written in pencil is "Here is the picture of one side of our town. How do you like it? I think we have a beautiful location for a town if could only have a R.R."
Date: 1911