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[Lee C. Kiehne Posing with a Car]

Description: Black and white photograph of a man named Lee C. Kiehne, posed for a picture next to a car. He has one leg on the car's up-step and a hand resting on the rim of its open window. He is wearing a double-breasted jacket, a shirt, a bow-tie, and light-colored pants. The car is an older model, complete with a fringed awning on its window.
Date: unknown

[Methodist Church at Gillespie County's Pioneer Museum]

Description: Black and white photograph of a Methodist church building at the Gillespie County Historical Society's Pioneer Museum. It is a statuesque, white building with stone steps, at the top of which are four columns that support the covered area in front. Two sets of double doors are visible behind the columns. Pointed arch windows are partially visible on either two of the facades that are shown in the picture. A sign with indiscernible words is to the right of the steps. Some manicured bushes line the outside of the building. A cross sits at the apex of the building.
Date: unknown

[A Pair of Baby Buggies]

Description: Black and white photograph in its original mat frame, although the photo's color quality has changed in tone due to time. A pair of toddler-aged children are sitting in individual baby buggies. The carriages each have spindly wheels with curly details near the axles. The carriages of the buggies also have curl details to them and look to be made of wicker. The buggies are situated on the front yard of an unidentified building. There is a tree to the right of them, and to the left of them are several women and children standing near the building's facade. A few buildings are visible in the background behind a wooden fence.
Date: unknown

[Part of a Church Building in Snow]

Description: Black and white photograph of a partially visible church building in the snow. Its roof is covered in snow. Its visible part of the building has a set of four windows on it. Attached to the building in focus is a taller wooden structure with a roof.
Date: unknown
Creator: Amateurarbeiten

[Photograph of a Bird Behind a Fence]

Description: Photograph of a bird behind a fence. There are two fences, one close to the camera lens. The bird is behind the first fence and blurred because of its movements. Behind the second fence, there are trees, tall grass, and other plants. The Fox Company's stamp is on the back of the photograph and says "Guaranteed for Life, This is a Genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made By Fox Co., San Antonio, Texas, Copyrighted 1927 by Carl D. Newton."
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Building]

Description: Photograph of a building. It is constructed of various materials, including wood. The second floor is smaller than the first and the building has a slanted roof. In the background are trees and the yard is empty. The photograph is a Polaroid.
Date: unknown