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Brewster County
Map of Brewster County, Texas, including the Big Bend Country region. The site of an old smelter located on the Rio Grande is shown. Scale ca. 1:133,334 (4000 varas per inch).
In O. Henry's Memory
Photo essay includes images of O.Henry's life in Austin, including the Hill City Quartette, houses O. Henry lived in, sketches by O. Henry and letters by his daughter Margaret Porter.
Map of Brazoria County
Map of Brazoria County in the Gulf Coast region.
Map of Starr County
Cadastral map of Starr County, Texas in the South Texas Plains region. Some notes are marked in color. Scale ca. 1:60,000.
Montgomery County
Map of Montgomery County, Texas, including the Piney Woods region. Scale ca. 1:133,334 (4000 varas per inch).