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Letter from Martín Perfecto de Cos to Commandant General June 17th 1835

Description: Letter from Martín Perfecto de Cos to Commandant General José Domingo Ugartechea, Principal Commandant of Texas. Instructing Ugartechea to order the military commandants that, if found, Lorenzo de Zavala be forced to sail to Veracruz and also that General Mexía be taken into custody and securely transported to Veracruz. 6/17/1835 127/12, p. 90
Date: June 17, 1835
Creator: Cos, Martín Perfecto de
Item Type: Letter

José María Falcón, Secretary of the State Government, to José Angel Navarro, Acting Political Chief of Dept. of Béxar]

Description: Transcribing a communication from the minister of state and relations to the governor (6/6/1835) requiring him to notify Lorenzo de Zavala to proceed to Mexico City and give an account of his diplomatic mission to France, and also to deliver to him the enclosed document (not found here). This order and the document forwarded to the political chief.
Date: July 20, 1835
Creator: Falcón, José María
Item Type: Letter

Ramón Músquiz, Political Chief of Dept. of Béxar, to Manuel de Mier y Terán, Commandant General

Description: Acknowledging receipt of the newspaper containing the report that Zavala had illegally sold his contract and notifying him that it had been forwarded to the superior authorities. Indicates also that he had circulated to the authorities under his jurisdiction the communication of 12/31/1830 from the state government to Mier y Terán relative to the illegality of such sales and of the sale of any land to foreigners not naturalized in Mexico.
Date: January 25, 1831
Creator: Músquiz, Ramón
Item Type: Letter

Stephen F. Austin to Lorenzo de Zavala, Minister of the Treasury

Description: Transcribing his communication to the political chief of Texas relative to forwarding his map of Texas to the president of Mexico. Indicates that a copy of the map in English had been sent to Philadelphia for publication but that the version sent to Mexico was more complete and accurate. 7/23/1829 126/4, p. 34
Date: July 23, 1829
Creator: Austin, S. F. (Stephen F.)
Item Type: Letter

In O. Henry's Memory

Description: Photo essay includes images of O.Henry's life in Austin, including the Hill City Quartette, houses O. Henry lived in, sketches by O. Henry and letters by his daughter Margaret Porter.
Date: February 18, 1932
Creator: Houston Chronicle
Item Type: Clipping

The Texas Trail of O. Henry

Description: Newspaper article includes sketches and photos of O. Henry and friends. Describes O.Henry's life and his time in Austin.
Date: July 15, 1923
Creator: Minatra, Odie
Item Type: Clipping

Map of Titus County

Description: Cadastral map of Titus County, Texas including the Piney Woods region. A separate paper containing a legal statement is affixed to the lower-right corner of the map. Scale ca. 1:133,334 (4000 varas per inch).
Date: October 31, 1857
Creator: Riddle, Elam
Item Type: Map

Plat of Ingleside and Garden Tracts

Description: Color promotional map of San Patricio County, Texas showing the town of Ingleside and Corpus Christi Bay with an inset of the Hotel Ingleside. Scale 1:4,800.
Date: 1890~
Item Type: Map

Map of Limestone County

Description: Map of Limestone County, Texas including the Prairies and Lakes region.
Date: February 1877
Creator: Blau, F. G.
Item Type: Map

Harris County

Description: Map of the Gulf Coast region covering Harris County, Texas. Scale ca. 1:133,334 (4000 varas per inch).
Date: 1876
Creator: Brooks, J.
Item Type: Map

Map of Lamar County

Description: Map of the Prairies and Lakes region covering Lamar County, Texas. Scale ca. 1:100,000 (3000 varas per inch).
Date: 1849
Item Type: Map

Ward County

Description: Map of Ward County, Texas in the Big Bend Country region. Scale [ca. 1:133,334] (4000 varas per inch).
Date: August 1890
Item Type: Map

Brazoria County

Description: Map of the Gulf Coast region covering Brazoria County, Texas. Scale ca. 1:166,667 (5000 varas per inch).
Date: 1918
Creator: Stevens, P. W. & Stevens, F. K.
Item Type: Map

Palo Pinto County

Description: Map of Palo Pinto County, Texas, including the Prairies and Lakes region. The roads from Fort Belknap to Fort Graham and from Fort Belknap to Fort Worth are indicated on map. Scale ca. 1:133,334 (4000 varas per inch).
Date: December 6, 1856
Creator: Martin, Joseph
Item Type: Map