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Camp Wallace

Description: View of Camp Wallace with numerous buildings.
Date: unknown

Friday night at the Service Club

Description: Friday night at the Service Club at Camp Wallace. Two servicemen in full dress and three women in evening wear are sitting. They are smoking and drinking.
Date: 1940~/1946~

A Battery - 30th Marching to Parade

Description: A Battery - 30th marching to a parade at Camp Wallace. Soldiers marching down a street, two tents and a truck in the background.
Date: 1941

Genevieve Miller home in Hitchcock

Description: Genevieve Miller home in Hitchcock, Texas. Picture taken August 1980. It was built in 1918 in Freddiesville and was originally a Santa Fe Railway Company house. After changing of railway operations the house was offered for sale. Miss. Miller purchased the house, some time in the 1940's, and had it moved to Barry and 2nd st. Miss. Miller donated the land/house in 1979 and the Genevieve Miller Hitchcock Public Library was built in 1985. The house serves as a museum.
Date: unknown

Robert Hunter home in Hitchcock

Description: Robert Hunter home in Hitchcock, Texas. The home was built in 1901 by Mr. Hunter's Grandfather, Howard Layton Roberts.
Date: 2006

Palmer home in Hitchcock

Description: Palmer home in Hitchcock, Texas. Taken just after the 1915 storm. The home was located in the 8300 block of Neville.
Date: 1915