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[Daguerreotype of Henry Jones]

Description: Daguerreotype of Henry Jones. He is wearing a dark jacket with a lighter colored jacket underneath. Also, he is wearing a light colored vest, white collared shirt and a dark tie. He has a full beard and his glasses are pushed up onto his forehead. Enclosed in a gold toned frame.
Date: 1840/1861

[A drawing depicting a scene from the Mier Expedition]

Description: Photograph of a drawing titled "MIER PRISONERS CHARGE ON THE GUARD AND VICTORY AT SALADO." The drawing depicts a scene from the Mier Expedition of soldiers fighting prisoners. The men are carrying guns, bayonets, and spears and are engaged in battle. There is an arched doorway (with a view of four armed guards) to a stucco mission in the top left corner of the drawing. Rooftops and trees are visible in the top right corner. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate. Image dimensions are: 19.7 cm x 12.5 cm. Back of photograph in pencil: " J.H.P. Davis. Richmond, Texas." Also numbers: "253 and 92" written in pencil. Stamped number 367 partially visible.
Date: [1842..1845]

[Oval portrait of William Kinchen Davis with his hair parted]

Description: Copy of an original oval portrait of William Kinchen Davis. Davis, who has his dark hair parted on his right side, is wearing a dark jacket, white shirt, and a dark bow tie. Portrait ends just above the waist. Back of photograph in pencil: "Copy of original property of Mrs. A. Y. (Virginia) Scarborough Richmond, Texas 6-1981" and at bottom of back in pencil: "WKD/ph. 1:1".
Date: 1840 - 1855

[Paper print of Henry Jones]

Description: Salted paper print of Henry Jones. The bust portrait was cut into an oval and placed on a tan cardboard substrate. Jones, who has his hair parted on the side and has a beard, is wearing a dark jacket, white shirt, and dark tie. Image dimensions are: 13.6 cm X 18.5 cm.
Date: 1840 - 1861

[Photograph of six men with a dog]

Description: Photograph of six men with a dog. The men are wearing suits and cowboy hats. Three of the men (standing in back row) have numbers written above their images (1, 2, 3). Man on far left of back row is holding a gun. In the front row, there is a man seated cross-legged on the floor, a man sitting in a chair with a dog between his knees, and another man seated cross-legged on the floor on far right. Written on back of photograph in pencil: "1. Mr. Tom McGee 2. Mr. Charlie Farmer 3. Henry Jones 4 ? 5 ? 6 Frank Bell".
Date: 1840 - 1855