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[Advertisement for A.P. George's Brahmans]

Description: Advertisement for A.P. George's Brahmans. It has a large panoramic photograph of the front of the George house with approximately twenty Brahmans in a pen in front. A large tree is on the right side. Caption underneath reads: "A group of ideal "Beef" Brahman cows in front of the home place". On bottom left of advertisement is a photo of Shiek's Jubilee, a black shorthorn. The caption at the bottom: "A.P. GEORGE Breeder of Shorthorn and Brahman Cattle RICHMOND, TEXAS".
Date: January 1948

[Announcement of funeral for R.J. Calder]

Description: Announcement of funeral for R .J. Calder. It reads: "Funeral Notice. The friends and acquaintances of R. J. Calder, Are respecfully (sic) invited to attend his funeral from his residence, to=morrow Aug. 29th, at Nine o'clock, a.m. Interment at the Cemetery Richmond, August 28th, 1885."
Date: August 28, 1885

[Broadside stock certificate]

Description: Broadside stock certificate. Texas and German Emigration Company stock certificate, signed August 2, 1854.
Date: August 2, 1854

[Certificate issued to Mr. F. J. Jodarski]

Description: Certificate issued to Mr. F. J. Jodarski. The U. S. Army Air Forces III Fighter Command Aircraft Warning Service Certificate of Appointment issued this certificate to Mr. Jodarski in 1943. Certificate written on linen colored paper with black text and blue watermark (circle with wings).
Date: 1943

[Enevelope from "Mrs J H P Davis Richmond Texas"]

Description: Enevelope from "Mrs J H P Davis Richmond Texas" to "THE WORLD'S LARGEST STORE SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. DALLAS, TEXAS "Station B"". On back it states: "24-HOUR SERVICE We Ship Your Orders Within 24 Hours After We Receive Them. You Get the World's Best Service From the World's Largest Store". Also, "IN LESS THAN A DAY YOUR ORDER'S ON ITS WAY" "24 HOUR SERVICE" "STOP! BEFORE SEALING THIS ENVELOPE Be sure you have written your name, postoffice and shipping directions plainly on your order. Be sure you have given SIZES and COLORS and enclosed samples where needed." Small image of a train on railroad tracks is beside "STOP!" passage.
Date: unknown

[Envelope contain thirteen negatives of Mr. And Mrs. Flet]

Description: A small manila envelope used for storing negatives. This envelope contained thirteen negatives of Mr. And Mrs. Fletcher Morgan Sr. and their children. Printed in black print on front of envelope: "No. Name Order Remarks Retouched Order Finished Reorder Reorder". Type written on front: " 1/27/71 FAMILY & Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Fletcher Sr." Written on front in blue ink: "1-5x7 #2 glossy 6-5x7 #2 B&W 6-8x10 #9 B&W 6-5x7 #9 B&W". Printed on back in black: "No. Name Order Remarks Retouched Order Finished Reorder Reorder" and in blue ink: "M/M Fletcher Morgan".
Date: unknown

[Envelope that contained four photographs of the George Ranch]

Description: Envelope that contained four photographs of the George Ranch. The front of the envelope has blanks with information to be filled in such as Name: "John Wendt" (written in pencil) and Date: "May 28 1954" (stamped in purple). Filled in next to Rolls blank is a black stamp "H383". Next to Prints: " 1 10" in pencil and total: "10"; prints of each: "1". Stamped in purple: "SAVE Return enough of these envelopes to show a total of $5.00 work of finishing work done in YOUR name and same drug store name and we will make you a 8 x 10 enlargement from your negative for only 15 cents. Ell Envelopes must hear? this notice". Text on back in black: "Expert Photo Finishing Service" and in purple: "John Bros. Drug 1201 Quiltrnan ? St. B 3-3611 The Floyd Company 710 Gale M. 3-8494 Houston 9, Texas" Developing �" written in brown trim.
Date: May 28, 1954

[Folder containing a letter and photographs of cattle]

Description: Folder containing a letter from The Santa Gertrudis Journal and nine photographs of cattle. The folder is white on the front and back. Inside (right side only) has an advertisement for Mamie E. George Ranch. The advertisement is in gray, black, and white and reads: "Our ALL POLLED Offering at the Pioneer Breeders Sale Premont, Texas Oct. 17 [6 rectangular areas for photos and 6 lined areas below rectangles for print]. Sale will be held at Los Jaboncillos Ranch - 7 Miles North of Premont on Hwy. 281 beginning at 1:30 P. M. [on bottom left is a sticker that reads: "For Sale At the Ranch" and below it is a lined area. Sticker in bottom left corner reads: Horned and Polled Santa Gertrudis Member: Santa Gertrudis Breeders International, Kingsville, Texas 78363 A Pioneer Santa Gertrudis Breeder An Old Herd With A New Program Santa Gertrudis Since 1932 Hilmar Moore, General Manger Walter W. Cardwell, Jr. Consultant Lockhardt, Texas Mail: George Building, Richmond, Texas 77469 Phone 713 342-2261 or 713 342-3758 (night)".
Date: 1970

[Hunting Permit issued to Ervin Muegge by Mrs. A.P. George]

Description: Hunting Permit issued to Ervin Muegge by Mrs. A.P. George. Permit reads: Hunting Permit This will authorize [ink] Ervin Muegge to hung in [ink] A.P. George lands until [blank line] 19 [blank line] [signed] Mamie E. George Owner.
Date: unknown

[A magazine page clipping taken from "The Santa Gertrudis Journal"]

Description: A magazine page (23) taken from "The Santa Gertrudis Journal" dated July 1971. The page is in reference to a letter 2000.034.044a. The page shows an advertisement for breeders of �Polled Santa Gertrudis Cattle and lists Ranches and Farms that offer the sale of these cattle. Mamie E. George Ranch is listed in the bottom right corner of the page (23). In this particular article, the "Ballenger Farms" cattle were featured. The Ballenger Farm information was marked through with a black crayon.
Date: July 1971

[Mourning card of Capt. W. K. Davis]

Description: Mourning card of Capt. W. K. Davis. Died Aug. 3, 1891. Black card with gold edging and writing. Top, center sparrow holding a card that reads: "In Loving Remembrance of". Underneath bird, Holy Bible with "Capt. W. K. Davis, Died Aug. 3, 1891" written on front. Foliage in background. Bottom, center unraveled scroll reads: "Tis hard to break the tender cord, When love has bound the heart, Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words, Must we forever part? Dearest loved one we have laid thee, In the peaceful grave's embrace, But thy memory will be cherished Till we see thy heavenly face."
Date: August 3, 1891

[Photo album guide card for photo dimensions]

Description: Card inserted between 2000.083.022 and 2000.083.024 in photo album. It states: "NOTICE. Be particular to trim the pictures the size of this Card before inserting, otherwise the Album will be injured, and the clasps prevented from catching. (OVER.)" On back it states: "Trim the Pictures the size of this Card before inserting in the Album. PERFECTION ATTAINED. Patent Flexible Chain-back Albums, MANUFACTURED BY WILLIAM W. HARDING, 326 Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA." It is a white card with black type.
Date: unknown

[White envelope addressed to Mrs. A. P. George]

Description: White envelope containing one photograph. The envelope has a return address on the back flap with blue text that reads: "Mrs. A. P. George [line] Richmond, Texas". Written on the front of the envelope in blue ink: "W. K. Davis House Pecan Tree Planted by A. P. G."
Date: unknown