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[Commemorative Ribbon]

Description: Commemorative ribbon for the Texas Live Stock Association with text on one side (blank on back). The words "Texas Live Stock Association" are written horizontally across the length of the ribbon, inside a decorative border; the left end says "GUEST" and the right end says "SAN ANTONIO FEB. 12 - 13."
Date: 1900?~-02

[Leather ribbon with fringed bottom edge]

Description: Leather ribbon with fringed bottom edge. Leather pin at top states: "MEMBER". Ribbon states: "9th Annual MEETING TEXAS LIVE STOCK ASS'N (In center image of longhorn with "TEXAS" typed on side) SAN ANTONIO, JAN. 22-24, 1900" Old Object Term: Commemorative ribbon, livestock
Date: [1900-01-22..1900-01-24]

[Two pieces medals connected by a chain]

Description: Medal, two pieces connected by a chain, all metal. Top is front elevation of the Alamo. Bottom reads "MEMBER C.R.A. OF T. 32ND ANNUAL CONVENTION SAN ANTONIO MARCH 18-20. 1908" Old Object Term: Commemorative pin, livestock
Date: [1908-03-18..1908-03-20]