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[Enevelope from "Mrs J H P Davis Richmond Texas"]

Description: Enevelope from "Mrs J H P Davis Richmond Texas" to "THE WORLD'S LARGEST STORE SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. DALLAS, TEXAS "Station B"". On back it states: "24-HOUR SERVICE We Ship Your Orders Within 24 Hours After We Receive Them. You Get the World's Best Service From the World's Largest Store". Also, "IN LESS THAN A DAY YOUR ORDER'S ON ITS WAY" "24 HOUR SERVICE" "STOP! BEFORE SEALING THIS ENVELOPE Be sure you have written your name, postoffice and shipping directions plainly on your order. Be sure you have given SIZES and COLORS and enclosed samples where needed." Small image of a train on railroad tracks is beside "STOP!" passage.
Date: unknown

[Pink silk livestock exposition ribbon]

Description: Pink silk ribbon with a circular top and two strands of pink ribbon extending from center: "STATE FAIR OF TEXAS DALLAS (on center of circular top) (on left strand) PAN AMERICAN LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION STATE FAIR OF TEXAS - 1953 (on right strand) RESERVE CHAMPION BEEF CATTLE SANTA GERTRUDIS BULL" Old Object Term: Commemorative ribbon, livestock
Date: 1953

[Three tiered Dallas longhorn livestock pin]

Description: Three tiered pin connected by small chains. At top, longhorns with "RELIC 1876" on it. Middle portion states: "MEMBER". Last portion, circular, states: "TEXAS CATTLE RAISERS ASSOCIATION DALLAS MARCH 1906" In center, picture of a head of cattle, above head states: "REALITY 1906". Old Object Term: Commemorative pin, livestock
Date: March 1906