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[Daguerreotype of Henry Jones]

Description: Daguerreotype of Henry Jones. He is wearing a dark jacket with a lighter colored jacket underneath. Also, he is wearing a light colored vest, white collared shirt and a dark tie. He has a full beard and his glasses are pushed up onto his forehead. Enclosed in a gold toned frame.
Date: 1840/1861

[A drawing depicting a scene from the Mier Expedition]

Description: Photograph of a drawing titled "MIER PRISONERS CHARGE ON THE GUARD AND VICTORY AT SALADO." The drawing depicts a scene from the Mier Expedition of soldiers fighting prisoners. The men are carrying guns, bayonets, and spears and are engaged in battle. There is an arched doorway (with a view of four armed guards) to a stucco mission in the top left corner of the drawing. Rooftops and trees are visible in the top right corner. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate. Image dimensions are: 19.7 cm x 12.5 cm. Back of photograph in pencil: " J.H.P. Davis. Richmond, Texas." Also numbers: "253 and 92" written in pencil. Stamped number 367 partially visible.
Date: [1842..1845]

[Oval portrait of William Kinchen Davis with his hair parted]

Description: Copy of an original oval portrait of William Kinchen Davis. Davis, who has his dark hair parted on his right side, is wearing a dark jacket, white shirt, and a dark bow tie. Portrait ends just above the waist. Back of photograph in pencil: "Copy of original property of Mrs. A. Y. (Virginia) Scarborough Richmond, Texas 6-1981" and at bottom of back in pencil: "WKD/ph. 1:1".
Date: 1840 - 1855