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[Letter with "The Santa Gertrudis Journal" letterhead]

Description: Letter with "The Santa Gertrudis Journal" letterhead reads: "Roger B. Letz, Publisher P. O. Box 2386 Fort Worth, Texas 76101 Phone (817) 336-3611 July 6, 1971 Mr. Hilmar Moore, Manager Mamie E. George Ranch Richmond, Texas 77469 Dear Hilmar: It will be the George Ranch time to be featured in the cooperative Polled advertising page in our August 1 issue. I would suggest using something like "Headquarters For Polled Cattle Breeders Since 1932". You might also include a description of what you have for sale and a sentence such as "watch for our all-polled offering in the Pioneer Sale". We have a number of pictures on hand that could be used. I am sending two for your consideration, a group of young bulls and one of a herd sire which I think is Husky George 100. Please let me know what your wishes are in regard to the ad and return the picture you want to use. Sincerely yours, [signed] Roger Roger B. Letz" .
Date: July 6, 1971

[A magazine page clipping taken from "The Santa Gertrudis Journal"]

Description: A magazine page (23) taken from "The Santa Gertrudis Journal" dated July 1971. The page is in reference to a letter 2000.034.044a. The page shows an advertisement for breeders of �Polled Santa Gertrudis Cattle and lists Ranches and Farms that offer the sale of these cattle. Mamie E. George Ranch is listed in the bottom right corner of the page (23). In this particular article, the "Ballenger Farms" cattle were featured. The Ballenger Farm information was marked through with a black crayon.
Date: July 1971

[Photograph centered on a Santa Gertrudis bull]

Description: Photograph centered on a Santa Gertrudis bull with "44" branded on right flank and an "S" brand on his right upper hip. The photograph was taken in a pasture on the George Ranch. Three other Santa Gertrudis cows beside the bull. Fence line in background. Written in pencil on back of photo: "600-7 6 5/16" x 3 1/2 " george Ranch SGJ 99R .10 1.65" Stamped in black on back "25". Stamped in green on back: The Cattleman 410 E. Weatherford Fort Worth, Texas File No. [in ink] 600 - 7".
Date: 1971

[Photograph of a Santa Gertrudis bull taken in a pasture on the George Ranch]

Description: Photograph of a Santa Gertrudis bull taken in a pasture on the George Ranch. Barb wire fence directly beyond the haltered bull. Barns and buildings in left and right background. Automobile and storage tank in center left background. Trees in left background. Back of photograph written in blue ink: "George Ranch Sold at Mid Coast Sale Feb. 27, 1971 - $1425 to Dick Vesfar [?]".
Date: February 27, 1971