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[Man sitting on a horse, wearing a dark suit and a hat]

Description: Postcard sent to A.P. George. Gentleman sitting on a saddled horse, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie and dark hat. Most likely T. W. "Bud" Davis in front of the Davis family cook's house. The house has visible shutters on windows, an open door on the right side, a rocking chair on center, right of porch and is held up by brick supports. "Crazy, Mineral Wells, Texas" box on front porch by open door. Water pump in front of house, to the left of "Bud". Under photograph handwritten: "Best cow Pony in Texas".
Date: unknown

[A.P. George as a young man, riding a saddled mule]

Description: Photograph of A.P. George as a young man. He is mounted on a saddled mule on the side of a rocky hill. He is wearing a light colored suit and bowtie, white colored shirt and light colored hat. He is holding a fan in his right hand and an opened black umbrella in his left hand along with the reins of the donkey. His feet are in stirrups on either side. Trees are in the background on the side of the hill. On bottom, handwritten: "Albert Geoge (sic) (Mineral Wells)"
Date: unknown

[Photograph of eleven individuals on mule]

Description: Photograph of eleven individuals on mules. A typed note underneath identifies the photo as follows: "Mineral Wells, Texas Left to right on mules - Albert George, Mrs. F. I. Booth, Mary Dee (Booth) Myers, Mrs. Archie Jones (Mrs. Syd W. Davis, Sr.'s grandmother), "Girlie" Slaven, F. I. Booth, Mamie George, Mrs. Ira Camp, Julius Hampil, Mrs. Slaven, Mr. Camp" Behind them is a large rock wall, with rocks in foreground of picture. Bottom left of picture, written in white "16 15". Appear to be numbering rocks in foreground.
Date: unknown