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[Albert Peyton George and two other men outside of a tent, a woman sitting in the tent]

Description: Photograph of Albert Peyton George in a street scene. George is the second man from left (outside of tent). There is a woman in a striped tent in the center of the photograph. George (image blurred probably because of motion) is wearing a dark three piece suit, white shirt, white tie, and light colored felt hat. Back of photograph in pencil: "4701 [marked through] 4710".
Date: 1905

[Beige ribbon]

Description: Beige ribbon surrounds a large circular button partly covered in felt. An image of a head of cattle is on the front. Beige ribbon extends downward from button and states: "FORT WORTH 1905". Bronze colored ribbon tied in a bow lies directly below button and same ribbon shaped like ringlets extend from end of ribbon. Old Object Term: Commemorative ribbon, livestock
Date: 1905

[Bronze medal]

Description: Bronze medal in 2 pieces connected with a red ribbon. Top "St. Louis National Stock Yards", on ribbon "Fort Worth March 21 - 22 - 23 1905", bottom is Texas star with longhorn bust. Old Object Term: Commemorative ribbon, livestock
Date: [1905-03-21..1905-03-23]