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[Photograph of Mr. And Mrs. J.H.P. Davis]

Description: Photograph of Mr. And Mrs. J.H.P. Davis. Mr. Davis, who has gray hair, is wearing dark slacks and dark vest with white long sleeved shirt. He is holding his dark, felt hat in his right hand. Mrs. Davis is wearing a light colored dress that is shirred from shoulders to waist and buttons from the collar to just below the waistline. Her gray hair is pulled back into a bun. The couple is standing on their front porch. White wooden building in background. The photograph is bordered by a black pattern.
Date: 1912 - 1927
Item Type: Photograph

[Pin with ribbon]

Description: Pin with ribbon. Top "TEXAS BANKERS ASSOCIATION" Ribbon "SAN ANTONIO MAY 7 - 8 - 9 1912" Bottom in handwriting "J. H. Davis, J.H.P. Davis & Co., Richmond, Texas" Old Object Term: Commemorative pin, banker
Date: [1912-05-07..1912-05-09]

[Rectangular pin at top states: "EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE"]

Description: Rectangular pin at top states: "EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE". Blue ribbons extends down to outline of North American continent. On this, it states: "8TH ANNUAL CONVENTION INTER STATE INLAN WATERWAY LEAGUE NOVEMBER-1912 PALACIOS, TEX." Old Object Term: Commemorative pin
Date: December 1912