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[A man working at a desk]

Description: Photograph titled "Beatrice, Nebr. Jan. 1919" as written below the image. The photograph shows a man seated behind a desk. The man, who is wearing a dark vest, white shirt, and a dark tie, is holding an ink pen in his right hand. There are several bottles of ink, stacks of papers, rolls of paper, and stamps and stamp pads on the desk top. There is a light fixture at top and drapes (pulled back) in the background. Written on back in pencil: "41".
Date: January 1919

[Postcard image of "White Villa Marlin Tex June 20 1919"]

Description: Postcard image of "White Villa Marlin Tex June 20 1919" as written in white text at bottom of image. The photograph shows eight children seated in the grass, five women seated in chairs, and six men and one woman standing. The group is in front of a white wooden building. There is a wire and wooden post fence in left background; shrubs on right and in left background.
Date: June 20, 1919

[Three men wearing suits and hats, outside of a building]

Description: Outdoor photograph of three men titled "At Deadwood S. D. Aug. '19" The three men are dressed in suits and ties and they are wearing hats. The man on left is holding a cigarette between his fingers and his hand is at his chest. The men are standing on a wooden sidewalk with an ornate wrought iron rail on left and the exterior wall of a stucco building on right. Mountain with trees in left background. Written on back in pencil: "3".
Date: August 1919

[Two men standing on a wooden bridge]

Description: Photograph of two men standing on a wooden bridge in "Beatrice, Nebr. Feb. 1919" as written below image. The two men are wearing dark suits, overcoats, gloves, and hats (man on left dark felt hat; man on right golf cap). They are standing on a wooden snow covered bridge. They have their arms resting on the iron rail. Written in pencil on back: "12".
Date: February 1919