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[Albert Lee Linke and Glen Roy Linke standing in front of their home]
Photograph (copy) of two boys. Written on back of photo in pencil: "L to R Albert Lee Linke, Glen Roy Linke at their home in Bleiblerville circa 1940s". In this full length outdoor photograph, Albert is wearing light colored striped pants, dark belt, and light colored short sleeved shirt. Glen is wearing long overalls with white short sleeved shirt underneath. There is a wire and wooden post fence with gate (latched with a chain to the left) in the background; branches of shrub on far left. There is partial view of an unpainted wooden house in the distance.
[Hilda Linke and unknown girl on horses]
Photograph (copy) of two girls on horseback. Written on back of photograph in pencil: "Hilda Linke - on the left, on right unknown (Hilda Hill) - before marriage to Leo Linke Taken @ Welcome, TX Circa 1920s Girls would go riding to church on horseback". Horse on left is dark, second horse is white. Both girls are wearing dark jackets and white skirts (girl on far left is wearing a knit cap). There is a wire fence directly behind the horses. Bare tree in center, white wooden house in right background; fence post and branches of tree on far right. There is a well next to the left corner of the house - the frame and wheel for lifting the bucket is visible.