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[Belle Ryon Davis wearing a dark high neck collar dress]

Description: Photograph of Belle Ryon Davis. Back of photograph in pencil identifies her as "Cousin Bell Davis". Davis, who has her graying hair loosely pulled up into a bun, is wearing a dark high neck collar dress with insets of lace at neckline and shoulders. Ruffled lace trim makes a "v" from shoulders to center of dress. Two strips of dark velvet extend from the ruffled lace. Bottom right of photograph reads: "The Elliotts Austin of (?) Texas".
Date: [1890..1900]

[An unidentified young woman sitting on a bench and wearing a white gown]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified young woman sitting on a bench. In this studio portrait, she is wearing a white gown that has a fabric belt at the waist and a scooped neck. Both of her hands are extended and resting on the either side of her on the bench. She is looking down to the right. The backdrop of the photo is a forest scene. At bottom of photo, embossed photographer's mark: "THE ELLIOTS AUSTIN, TEX." Enclosed in a three fold cardboard envelope.
Date: unknown