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[The northwest corner of a white wooden house]

Description: Photograph of the northwest corner of a white wooden house. The house has a porch that extends across a portion of the front of the house. A brick chimney of the house is seen on the right side of portrait; and a picket fence runs along the front of the house on the left. There is a man standing in the front yard of the home while a child is standing on far left, just outside of the picket fence, on the sidewalk. Trees in background. Writing in blue ink on back of photo reads: "Our House Made Jul 6 " 96. By H. K. Mitchell." The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate.
Date: July 6, 1896

[A tree in front of the H. K. Mitchell house]

Description: Photograph of a white wooden house with tin roof. Writing on back of photo reads: "Our Home Aug 31" 96 H. K. Mitchell". The house is a single story white wooden house with a covered front porch. There is a small white building with same design as the house on the left. The house and outbuilding are surrounded by a white picket fence. There are trees near the outside perimeter of the fence. A lamppost can be seen on far right near the intersection of two dirt roads. There is a white building partially obscured by trees on far left. The photograph is mounted on a gray cardboard substrate.
Date: August 31, 1896

[A young woman wearing a white blouse with flowers around the neckline]

Description: Studio portrait of a young woman. The woman is wearing a white full-sleeved blouse that has flowers along the left shoulder and rounded neckline. She has her hair parted down the center and pulled up into a bun near the crown of her head. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate with silver text near bottom of cardboard that reads: "Weatherington, Velvet Finish. [underlined] Cottage Studio Cor. 16th St. and Avenue D, Temple, Tex." Brown text on back of photo reads: "The Cottage Studio, . . . Temple, Texas, Weatherington Bros., Prop's, Photographers and Portrait Artists. Old Pictures Copied In Any Style Practical Engraving And Designing For All Purposes. Photo Engraving and Half-Ton Etching On Copper, Steel And Zinc. All Work Warranted Permanent." Image dimensions are: 9.8 cm x 14.1 cm.
Date: [1896..1898]