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[Beige ribbon with blue star]

Description: Beige ribbon with blue writing that states: "(large star at top) Galveston April 21, 1896. Texas Veteran Twenty-Third Annual ..Re-union.." Old Object Term: Commemorative ribbon
Date: April 21, 1896

[The northwest corner of a white wooden house]

Description: Photograph of the northwest corner of a white wooden house. The house has a porch that extends across a portion of the front of the house. A brick chimney of the house is seen on the right side of portrait; and a picket fence runs along the front of the house on the left. There is a man standing in the front yard of the home while a child is standing on far left, just outside of the picket fence, on the sidewalk. Trees in background. Writing in blue ink on back of photo reads: "Our House Made Jul 6 " 96. By H. K. Mitchell." The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate.
Date: July 6, 1896
Item Type: Photograph

[Red Fort Worth livestock ribbon with brass tassles]

Description: Red ribbon with brass tassels at bottom, reads "~ ASSO'N OF TEXAS" at top (partial), "WELCOME TO THE LIVE STOCK CENTER OF TEXAS, SOUVENIR, 1896" on button in center, "FORT WORTH, TEX. MARCH 10 - 11 - 12, 1896" at bottom Old Object Term: Commemorative ribbon, livestock
Date: [1896-03-10..1896-03-12]

[A tree in front of the H. K. Mitchell house]

Description: Photograph of a white wooden house with tin roof. Writing on back of photo reads: "Our Home Aug 31" 96 H. K. Mitchell". The house is a single story white wooden house with a covered front porch. There is a small white building with same design as the house on the left. The house and outbuilding are surrounded by a white picket fence. There are trees near the outside perimeter of the fence. A lamppost can be seen on far right near the intersection of two dirt roads. There is a white building partially obscured by trees on far left. The photograph is mounted on a gray cardboard substrate.
Date: August 31, 1896
Item Type: Photograph

[Wedding invitation to the Mary Davis and Albert P. George wedding]

Description: Wedding invitation on off-white paper which reads: "Mr. & Mrs. J.H.P. Davis announce the marriage of their daughter Mary E. to Mr. Albert P. George. Wednesday, October the seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety six. Richmond, Texas. At Home after November the first, Richmond, Texas."
Date: October 7, 1896
Item Type: Letter

[A young woman wearing a white blouse with flowers around the neckline]

Description: Studio portrait of a young woman. The woman is wearing a white full-sleeved blouse that has flowers along the left shoulder and rounded neckline. She has her hair parted down the center and pulled up into a bun near the crown of her head. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate with silver text near bottom of cardboard that reads: "Weatherington, Velvet Finish. [underlined] Cottage Studio Cor. 16th St. and Avenue D, Temple, Tex." Brown text on back of photo reads: "The Cottage Studio, . . . Temple, Texas, Weatherington Bros., Prop's, Photographers and Portrait Artists. Old Pictures Copied In Any Style Practical Engraving And Designing For All Purposes. Photo Engraving and Half-Ton Etching On Copper, Steel And Zinc. All Work Warranted Permanent." Image dimensions are: 9.8 cm x 14.1 cm.
Date: [1896..1898]
Item Type: Photograph