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[Davis George as an infant, wearing a long white gown]

Description: Portrait of [infant] Davis George. George is wearing a long white gown with white lace trim. He is sitting on a tassel edged flower print blanket. George is not wearing shoes. The photograph is mounted on a beveled black cardboard matte. Bottom of the matte is embossed in gold: Zahn (in round emblem) 418 Tremont Galveston, Tex. Image dimensions are: 9.8 cm x 14.1 cm.
Date: [1897..1899]

[A group of photos of Davis George as an infant]

Description: Studio portrait of Davis George as an infant. Five studio poses of Davis George on one print. Starting from top and moving clockwise: Davis flying through the air holding a light colored banner with both hands out in front, with end of banner flying behind; Davis resting on an opened flower with one wing apparent; Davis in a long, lacy gown sitting; Davis laying on his stomach inside of a cracked egg; Davis on his stomach flying on an umbrella. Picture is mounted on a gray mat board. Photographers mark at lower, right hand corner of mat board. On back: "25672 1/2 silver, Mrs. A. P. George, 1.25"
Date: 1897 - 1899

[Photograph of the Davis Bank building in Richmond, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Davis Bank building in Richmond, Texas. The two story stucco and brick building was built by Albert George Beasley. Written near top of corner turret: "Davis & George". Below the turret near the entrance to the bank is a sign reading: "Bank". Window to the left of the corner main entrance reads "J. H. P. Davis Bank". There is a man standing in the second window to the left of the entrance and another man standing on the sidewalk Windows on the far left of the building have "Pool" painted on them with drawings of pool sticks and pool balls. There is a man sitting in a chair outside of the doorway to the pool room. In the center window of the turret and again on the second story window just to the right of the turret is a sign painted in these windows "? Vanslyke Real Estate". There are canopies on several of the upper story windows and a large one across the entrance of the pool room. A man is sitting on steps on far right of photo (toward back of building). The building has a sidewalk with hitching posts on the far right and left of the photo. Small trees line the sidewalk from center to right; telephone pole to right of center tree; tree on far right is boxed; barrel to right of boxed tree. There is partial view of a white building on far left. The photograph is mounted on a dark gray cardboard substrate.
Date: [1897..1910]

[Two men herding cattle down a street]

Description: Photograph of two African-American men herding cattle down a street. Writing on back in blue ink reads: "Made Aug 14"1897 - H. K. Mitchell. Stock Day at Mitchells Scales". The cattle are crossing over a small water filled ditch at an intersection of a gravel and dirt road. There are buildings on opposite side of the road with "Pittsburgh Coal" sign written across the building in the center. Wooden gates on left; other buildings in right background. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate.
Date: August 14, 1897