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[Beige ribbon with blue star]

Description: Beige ribbon with blue writing that states: "(large star at top) Galveston April 21, 1896. Texas Veteran Twenty-Third Annual ..Re-union.." Old Object Term: Commemorative ribbon
Date: April 21, 1896

[Commemorative Ribbon]

Description: "RECEPTION committee 8th ANNUAL CONVENTION Texas Live Stock Ass'n GALVESTON Jan. 17-20, 1899" Old Object Term: Commemorative ribbon, livestock
Date: [1899-01-17..1899-01-20]

[Davis George as an infant, wearing a long white gown]

Description: Portrait of [infant] Davis George. George is wearing a long white gown with white lace trim. He is sitting on a tassel edged flower print blanket. George is not wearing shoes. The photograph is mounted on a beveled black cardboard matte. Bottom of the matte is embossed in gold: Zahn (in round emblem) 418 Tremont Galveston, Tex. Image dimensions are: 9.8 cm x 14.1 cm.
Date: 1897 - 1899
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Mamie E. Davis]

Description: Photograph of Mamie E. Davis. Davis is wearing a white puffed sleeve blouse with a large rounded lace collar. Her dark hair is pulled up into a bun near the crown of her head. She is wearing diamond ear drop earrings. The portrait ends at the waist. Davis is facing the right. The photograph is mounted on a gray cardboard matte. Written on back of photograph in pencil: "Mamie Davis George at Baylor College". Image dimensions are: "14.1 cm x 9.7 cm. Similar to 2000.015.004 with the exception of hair style.
Date: 1891 - 1895
Item Type: Photograph

[Thomas Walter (Bud) Davis wearing a dark suit, tie, and hat]

Description: Photograph of Thomas Walter (Bud) Davis. In the portrait, Davis is wearing a dark suit, dark tie with white striping, and a light colored felt hat with a flat, squared crown. The photograph ends just below the waist. The portrait is encased in a pale gray folder. The photograph is mounted directly on a tan matte with embossed border. In gray print near bottom of portrait: "H. H. Morris, Galveston, Texas." Front closure of folder an embossed "M" in top left corner. A tissue paper page is part of the folder and serves as protection for the photograph when folder is closed. On the back of the folder in the top left corner written vertically: "10988 [line] 2". Written in pencil at top right of inside cover: "T. W. (Bud) Davis". Image dimensions are: 13.2 cm x 18.2 cm. The photograph is adhered to the folder and is therefore accessioned as a unit.
Date: 1890 - 1900
Item Type: Photograph