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[Photograph of Ruth M. Forsgard]

Description: Photograph of Ruth M. Forsgard taken in Galveston, Texas. Forsgard, who is standing outdoors near a shrub, is wearing a dark skirt with bolero style jacket, white blouse, and dark hat with floral trim on left side. Forsgard is holding her purse on her left wrist. She is standing near the parking lot of a hotel (may be the Hotel Galvez). Car in right rear, high rise hotel in left background, palm trees in right background. Written on back of photo in blue ink: "Ruth M. Forsgard 1809-H Galveston Texas 1951". Stamped on back in blue: "1209" with watermark: "Kodak Velox Paper". The photograph has scalloped edging.
Date: 1951
Item Type: Photograph

[W.A. Hughes wearing a hat and a polka dotted tie]

Description: Bust photograph of W.A. Hughes. He is wearing a dark coat, with a white handkerchief in the left pocket, a dark collared shirt and a polka dotted tie. He has on a light colored hat. Embossed on lower, right corner, photographer's mark: "MURILLO STUDIO GALVESTON TEX."
Date: [1954]-01-11
Item Type: Photograph