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[Photograph of a herd of predominantly Santa Gertrudis cattle]

Description: Photograph of a herd of predominantly Santa Gertrudis cattle in a pasture on the George Ranch. The photo was taken from a higher view. Dry Creek can be seen on the left as well as the bridge over it on FM 762. There are three trees visible in this pasture. Trees in background (across 762). Back of photo in pencil: "600/19". Stamped on back in green "The Cattleman 410 E. Weatherford Fort Worth, Texas File No. 600-19".
Date: 1968 - 1971

[Photograph of Hilmar Moore and two men]

Description: Photograph of Hilmar Moore (on far left wearing dark suit) and Bobby Shelton and B.K. Johnson (from the King Ranch). The three men are leaning against the metal partition of a stock fence. There is a Santa Gertrudis cow in the stock pen on left side of photo. Tin roofed building (with no sides) in right background. White wooden fence, trees, and buildings in background.
Date: 1965 - 1972