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[Coin from Jamaica. "King George The Sixth"]

Description: Coin from Jamaica. The front states: "KING GEORGE THE SIXTH" with the image of King George's head. On the back it states: "JAMAICA 1952 HALF PENNY". On a banner underneath the Jamaican emblem it reads: "INDUS INTERQUE SERVIET UNI". Found in 2000.085.092 which is a small white box with "A.P. George" handwritten on the bottom of the box.
Date: 1952

[Family photograph taken at the Linke residence]

Description: Full length family photograph taken at the Linke residence. Written on back of photograph in blue ink: "Family photo. Taken at the Linke residence, circa 1952 or 1953 (L to R) Adults (sic) Herman Christ, Nelson Linke, Bernice Christ, Ricky Christ, Kathleen Christ, Hilda Linke Leo Linke (front row children L to R) Jeannie Christ, Janie Christ, Cynthia Linke". From far left, two of the men are standing, five of the people are sitting on an upholstered sofa, and three children are sitting on the floor in foreground. The young man seated on the sofa is holding an envelope and paper money in his hands.
Date: [1952..1953]

[An unidentified woman standing in front of a brick house]

Description: Color photograph of an unidentified woman standing in front of a brick house. The woman, who is wearing a plaid dress, has her right hand on an ornate wrought iron trellis that is near the front porch of the brick house. There is a flower bed enclosed by wire fencing near the northeast corner of the house. Top of a small tree in left foreground; driveway on left; garage in left background.
Date: 1952

[Two boys wearing suits and a girl wearing a dress]

Description: Outdoor photograph of two boys and a girl. The young men, on left and right of photo, are wearing doubled breasted suits. The young woman in center is wearing a light colored print dress with full skirt and dark lace that forms cap sleeves and then drapes across the rounded neckline. She is wearing a light colored hat. There is shrubbery in the background with partial view of a brick structure in top right corner. The photograph has scalloped edging.
Date: 1952 - 1953

[Christmas card sent to Albert and Mamie George from the Treichler family]

Description: Christmas card sent to Albert and Mamie George from the Treichler family. The front cover reads: "Merry Christmas" in green script with holly and berries as decorations. The interior of the card has text in black along with family photographs. The basic message reads: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year The Texas Treichlers Christmas 1952 Newgulf, Tex". The top center photograph is of an older couple. Beginning clockwise from this top photo: couple dressed in light colored shirts - "Ann Bob"; two children playing on the beach - "Andy John"; a baby in a swing (or some other type of seat) - "Stephen Randall Treichler 1st 1952 addition."; baby held on person's lap - "Paul Treichler Edquist 2nd 1952 Addition"; couple (man wearing glasses) in white shirts - "Jean Jan (?); blonde toddler wearing sleeveless shirt - "Herb III "T3""; couple with woman wearing dark blouse and man (facing woman) wearing whit shirt - "Virginia Herb II".
Date: 1952