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[Brown leather box with a push clasp]

Description: Brown leather box with a push clasp. On fabric in interior of lid, stamped: "MANUFACTURE D'HORLOGERIE PATEK, PHILIPPE & Co. GENEVE GRAND PRIX A PARIS 1889 MEMBRE DU JURY - PARIS 1900". Interior is lined with purple velvet. On bottom of box a sticker reads: "PATEK, PHILIPPE & Co. Fabrique d'Horlogerie Geneve No 128391".
Date: unknown

[Button and ribbon]

Description: Button and ribbon. Button "NATIONAL LIVE STOCK COMMISSION CO. CHICAGO - ST.LOUIS - KANSAS CITY - FORT WORTH." Ribbon "1904 - SOUVENIR - 1904 Texas Cattle Raiser's Convention FORT WORTH. TEX." Red, white, and blue ribbons Old Object Term: Commemorative ribbon, livestock
Date: 1904

[Button with the shape of a star on it]

Description: Button with the shape of a star on it. In center of star, it states: "+1803 ST. LOUIS WORLD'S FAIR. 1903+.THE STAR OF PROGRESS IS IN THE WEST". Purple ribbon extends downward and states: "EL__ 1903 ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK YARDS WORLD'S FAIR 1902 ST. LOUIS". Old Object Term: Commemorative button, livestock
Date: [1902..1903]

[Cardboard box that contained eighteen postcards of Boulder Dam]

Description: Cardboard box made similar to an envelope that contained seventeen postcards that were apparently purchased as a set. The front of the box has brown text that reads: "Boulder Dam [top, center] Word's Most Impressive Engineering Spectacle Center of a Magnificent Scenic Wonderland 18 Miniature Post Cards from Original Photographs". On left side of box front is a drawing of the dam, and on the right side is a drawing of canyons. The back of the box has text in brown that reads: "From [line] To [lines]" and in a rectangular box top, right "Postage 1 1/2[cents] Seal With Stamp". Text written under flap: "Issued By Boulder Dam Service Bureau Boulder Theatre Building Boulder City, Nevada Official Motion Pictures, Original Photographs, Souvenirs and Authentic Booklets".
Date: unknown

[Commemorative Ribbon]

Description: Commemorative ribbon for the Texas Live Stock Association with text on one side (blank on back). The words "Texas Live Stock Association" are written horizontally across the length of the ribbon, inside a decorative border; the left end says "GUEST" and the right end says "SAN ANTONIO FEB. 12 - 13."
Date: 1900?~-02

[Commemorative Ribbon]

Description: Partial gold-colored ribbon in two fragments that says "Guest" across the top and "Third Annual Meeting National Live Stock" just below. The second piece has a partial illustration of a bull or cow, with the word "Association" written below. Additional pieces are missing from the center and bottom of the ribbon.
Date: 1900

[Gray cardboard folder with white ribbon on binding]

Description: Gray cardboard folder with white ribbon on binding. Tissue page covers the paper insets in corners where photograph is secured. Front cover of folder has a thin gray line as a border. Written within bordered area: "Witzel L. A." Stamped on back of folder in red: "9280" and in blue "2924". Written in pencil on back: "Mrs. A. P. George Richmond, Tex 9 (?) So of P.O #7 blue slight brown lt yellow dress white trim". The folder contained the photograph 2000.035.030b of Mary Jones.
Date: [1927..1930]

["Guest" Medal with Ribbon]

Description: Medal with a partial red ribbon attached to the bottom. Medal reads "GUEST" and the ribbon says "TWENTIETH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE ~"
Date: unknown

[Red "Lee Livestock Commission" button]

Description: Red button with white writing that states: "Lee LiveStock Commission Co. KANSAS CITY, MO. ALL MARKETS". A metal Old Object Term: Commemorative button, livestock
Date: unknown