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[Postcard image of "The Original Deadwood Coach"]

Description: Postcard image of "The Original Deadwood Coach" as written in black near top right of postcard. The color image shows a man holding a whip who is standing near the side door of a coach. There is another man with gun in his gloved hand sitting atop the coach to the right side of the postcard. Blue text on back of postcard reads: "Copyright By "Johnny" Baker, Golden, Colo. The Original Deadwood Coach Built at Concord, N. H. 1867. Sent to San Francisco by water where it was placed on a line infested with bandits, "baptized in fire and blood" so repeatedly on the plains, was finally abandoned. In organizing his Wild West show Col. Cody bought the old derelict, and on its time honored springs has carried more distinguished Americans and Royalty than any vehicle extant. C. T. American Art Colored [emblem] CT Chicago Postcard This Space For Address Only [in rectangle] Place One Cent Stamp Here." Written in pencil on back: "175 69 [line] 244".
Date: unknown

[Rodeo Cowboy Participating in the Bull Riding Event]

Description: Copy photo of an African-American rodeo cowboy. The cowboy is participating in bull riding. He is wearing boots, dark colored chaps with white fringe trim, a light colored shirt with a number pinned on left shoulder and a straw cowboy hat. He has his left arm extended in the traditional bull riding manner. There are several cowboys standing/sitting on the wooden partitions in the background. Advertisement signs are visible above the top of the pens - one near center reads: "St. Pes Saddlery Pasadena" and the one on left "Swifts Plastic."
Date: [1975..1980]

[Rodeo Cowboy Willie Gomez Participating in Bronco Riding]

Description: Copy photo of an African-American rodeo cowboy participating in bronco riding. The cowboy is identified as Willie Gomez. Gomez is wearing black cowboy boots with spurs, light colored pants, black belt, a white long sleeved shirt, and white hat. Spectators in stands on the other side of wooden partition in background. Sign on back wall reads: "Restrooms" and has an arrow. The photograph was autographed in the bottom right corner: "Willie Gomez 78' ".
Date: 1978

["Site of Boulder Dam"]

Description: Postcard image of the "Site of Boulder Dam. View 1931" as written in black text at bottom center. The image shows tall rock canyon to left right and center background with dam waters in center. Black text on back of postcard reads: "For Correspondence Post Card Address [in black line rectangle] Postage 1 [cent]". A decorative black line with JCB (?) at bottom, separates message and address.
Date: 1925 - 1935

[Three wild cattle]

Description: Photograph of three wild cattle. The largest one, a male, is standing erect above the other two and looking to the right. The middle one, who appears to be a female, is lying down looking left with his nose touching the baby one. The smallest one is sitting on his forelegs, nestled to his mother. He does not have horns. At bottom of matte, typed: "Wild Cattle at Chillingham." Attached to a cardboard substrate.
Date: unknown

["Upstream Face Of Boulder Dam"]

Description: Postcard image the "Upstream Face Of Boulder Dam" as written in white text near bottom right of postcard. Observation Point is in the foreground. The dam is in the center of the photograph. There is a boat cruising through the water near center right (wake of water seen behind boat). Canyon mountains in background. Black text on back of postcard reads: "Message Post Card Address [in black line rectangle] Postage 1 [cent]".
Date: 1925/1935