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[A 1886 Drug Store]

Description: Photograph of a 1886 Drug Store. The drug store is located in a two story brick building on the corner of a dirt street. The sign "Drug Store" on the northwest corner of the building, has a horse hitched to the support post. The front of the building has two glass box windows on either side of the double door entrance. Eight men are standing on the sidewalk near the front entrance. There is a man sitting in each of the four second story windows on the front side of building. A hitching post is on far left; two white wooden buildings on far right with the top of a two story brick building partially visible over the roof tops of the wooden buildings. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate. Image dimensions are: 19.7 cm x 12.4 cm. Pencil writing near top left corner of cardboard reads [not fully legible]: 84.50 49.00 $35.50 $35.50 (with x's under the cents).
Date: 1885/1889

[Manila envelope from R. W. Shirer]

Description: Manila envelope containing one photograph 2000.028.014b. The label on the envelope reads: "From R. W. Shirer 210 Westport Road Kansas City, Mo. Return Postage Guaranteed To Mr. C. M. Frost, 25th Floor Esperson Bldg., Houston 2, Texas." and is stamped "First Class Mail" to the top and left of the label. The envelope has a United States 10 cents Postage Stamp bearing the image of John Tyler 1841-1845 and is postmarked Kansas City Mo. Jul 29 6 PM 1955. Written in pencil across the front of envelope: "1/4 + 7/8 9/8" "9/16" On label and "C".
Date: 1955

[Manila envelope from "the Geizendanner company"]

Description: Manila envelope from "the Geizendanner company Houston 6, Texas Advertising" to " Mr. A. P. George Richmond, Texas" postmarked "Houston, Tex. June 13 1951". Four purple 3 cent United States Postage stamps are cancelled in the top right corner. Written in red ink near top left corner: "Cattle Pictures". Eighteen cattle photographs were enclosed in this envelope.
Date: June 13, 1951

[Ice covered fence and trees in front of the J.H.P. Davis house]

Description: Photograph of the J.H.P. Davis house after an ice storm. The house is only partially visible (near center right) because of the ice covered trees and shrubs. The second story porch, roof, dormer, and two brick fireplace chimneys are visible. There is an ice covered barb wire fence with wooden posts that extends from left foreground to right center of photo. The foreground is covered in snow. Image is slightly blurred. Written at bottom of photo in black ink: "Dec 21 1924".
Date: December 21, 1924

[Letter sent to Mamie George from "The Rosenberg Herald"]

Description: Letter sent to the Mamie George from "The Rosenberg Herald". The letter has a letterhead with black text that reads: "The Rosenberg Herald" 'Fort Bend County's Leading Newspaper' NO2-3737 Rosenberg, Texas [in black border] Memo From the Desk of Don Bryant Editor-General Mgr." The type written letter reads: " 3/25/60 Dear Mrs. George: Found this in our files - - an aerial picture of your ranch. Thought maybe you'd like to have it. Regards, [signed] Donald B. Bryant, Editor - Gen. Mgr. The Herald-Coaster". An aerial photograph, 2000.048.007b, was enclosed with letter.
Date: March 25, 1960

[Photo album guide card for photo dimensions]

Description: Card inserted between 2000.083.022 and 2000.083.024 in photo album. It states: "NOTICE. Be particular to trim the pictures the size of this Card before inserting, otherwise the Album will be injured, and the clasps prevented from catching. (OVER.)" On back it states: "Trim the Pictures the size of this Card before inserting in the Album. PERFECTION ATTAINED. Patent Flexible Chain-back Albums, MANUFACTURED BY WILLIAM W. HARDING, 326 Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA." It is a white card with black type.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of an Unidentified Person Standing on a House Porch During a Flood]

Description: Photograph of the front of white, one-story building with four windows in the front and six columns lining the porch. Water surrounds the house with trees sticking out of the water. A man is standing on the front porch with his left hand on a front column, he is wearing light colored pants, shirt and a dark jacket and hat. There is another structure in the water in the left of the photo. At the top of the picture, handwritten: "CARMEM & NELSON @ Booth". On bottom of picture, handwritten: "HALLEY HOUSE".
Date: unknown

[Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge During the Flood of 1899]

Description: Photograph of the Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge during the flood of 1899; the railroad track extends from the foreground and leads to the bridge in the background. There are people standing on the railroad tracks near the bridge and there are telephone poles on the left. The city of Richmond with one tall building in particular can be seen in the distance. Written at bottom of photo: "S. P. R. R. Bridge July 7, 1899 No. (?)". The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard card.
Date: July 7, 1899

[A Man on the Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge During the Flood of 1899]

Description: Photograph of the Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge during the flood of 1899. There is a man wearing dark pants, white shirt, suspenders, and hat walking across the bridge (approaching camera). There is a note written on the back of the photo in blue ink saying: "Southern Pacific Bridge - Flood 1899". The photo is mounted on a tan cardboard card.
Date: July 7, 1899

[Metal derrick platform with an oil pump below it]

Description: Photograph of a metal derrick platform with an oil pump below it. There are two more oil derricks in left background; gravel road extending from right foreground into left background. Written on back in red pencil: "2 col A. P. George 65.3 [encircled] 1411". This photograph is one of a group that was found taped together for a journal or newspaper publication.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Nancy Jones Oak Tree at George Ranch]

Description: Photograph of the Nancy Jones oak tree that was planted in 1824 (according to the 1996 George Ranch Historical Park Interpreter Training Manual). The oak tree is located in the George Ranch house yard. There is a small wooden pump (tool) shed in left rear of tree. The storage tank can be partially be seen to the left and right of the trunk of the tree. The edge of a building is in the left corner of the photo. Wire fence in background. White wooden building partially visible on other side of fence. Written in pencil on back: "9".
Date: 1940

[Photograph of Dry Creek at George Ranch]

Description: Photograph of the George Ranch. Dry Creek is in the foreground with large trees on right. The George Ranch house is in the left background. The house is a two story white wooden house with fence posts of front pasture in front of it. There is a white barn in center of photo. Stamped on back of photo in black: "H383". The back of the photo is watermarked: "Kodak Velox Paper". Image is slightly blurred.
Date: 1954

[Photograph of the rear ends of six cows taken on the George Ranch]

Description: Photograph of the rear ends of six cows taken on the George Ranch. There is metal fencing (cross-fenced) around the perimeter of the stock pen in which the cows are contained. A saddled horse (partial view) is tied to the metal rail on far right. A Quonset metal building can be seen near top right corner of the photo. Trees in background. Back of photograph stamped in blue: "This is a Photograph by W. D. Murdy WDM 3916 Leeland Fairfax 8373 Houston 3, Texas When Reordering Prints of This Picture Please Mention No. [pencil] 430-8".
Date: [1940..1955]

[Photograph of three dark colored bulls and one white Brahman]

Description: Photograph of three dark colored bulls and one white Brahman. The bulls are haltered and their lead ropes are held by men who are squatting on the ground next to them. Two men are standing next to the wire fence just beyond the cattle.. The edge of the George Ranch house and picket fence can be seen to the left of the photograph. Trees in background. A number "11" is written in white in the bottom right corner of the photo. Stamped in purple on back of photograph: "Bob Bailey fine photography 515 Taft (at Buffalo Dr.) Houston, Texas KE - 6625 Negative Number 17144 - 11".
Date: [1940..1955]