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[Photograph of two bulls in a pasture]

Description: Photograph of two bulls (one lying in pasture on left and the other standing on right) in a pasture. Barb wire fence just beyond the cattle. Pasture and utility poles in background. Back of photo in pencil: :"56-7". Stamped in green on back: "The Cattleman 410 E. Weatherford Fort Worth, Texas File No. [in blue ink] 556-7".
Date: December 1969

[Photograph of two groups of bull calves eating from wooden feed troughs]

Description: Photograph of two groups of bull calves eating from wooden feed troughs. Three calves are standing near the perimeters of the feeding calves. There is a cow eating hay near a round water trough in the back area of the fenced pen. White wooden building with a small wooden shed in background. Trees in distance. Written in back of photo in pencil: "Bull Calves" and "Dec 1969 Letz". The photograph was attached to letter 2000.34.002a.
Date: December 1969

[Unidentified man standing on a sidewalk]

Description: Color photograph of an unidentified man posed on a sidewalk in front of a white stucco building. The man is wearing black shoes, gray pants, white short sleeved shirt, and a striped tie. There is a large potted plant to the right rear of the man, a glass window framed door on right; double windows on left with flower filled window boxes.
Date: [1960..1980]