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[Trees in front of the J.H.P. Davis house]

Description: Photograph of the J.H.P. Davis house. The house is a white wooden two story home with first and second story porches. The porches have wooden railing and round white columns for support. This photograph shows the north/east fa�ade of the house. Note the water tank to the west (right of photo) side of the house that was built in September - October 1895 and was painted by December 21, 1895. Brick chimneys are visible on the east and west sides of the house. There is a portico on the east side. A small building with dome shaped roof is located between the main house and the storage tank. The house is enclosed by a white picket fence with three trees on outside of fence. Page attached to the back of the photograph has writing in black ink that reads: "Early J. H. P. Davis House". Information provided by "Internship Report Davis Complex Research/Planning George Ranch Historical Park" by Michael Moore. This photograph were given to the George Foundation by the Fort Bend Museum.
Date: 1895

[Two men herding cattle down a street]

Description: Photograph of two African-American men herding cattle down a street. Writing on back in blue ink reads: "Made Aug 14"1897 - H. K. Mitchell. Stock Day at Mitchells Scales". The cattle are crossing over a small water filled ditch at an intersection of a gravel and dirt road. There are buildings on opposite side of the road with "Pittsburgh Coal" sign written across the building in the center. Wooden gates on left; other buildings in right background. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate.
Date: August 14, 1897

[Two people in the doorway of the J.H.P. Davis Bank building]

Description: Photograph of the J.H.P. Davis Bank building in Richmond, Texas. The two story stucco and brick building has a turret at the corner with a sign near top that reads: "Beasley & George" and above the corner entrance " Bank". There are two men standing on the top step of the entrance. A third person (blurred image) is standing beneath the canopy on far left of the building. Another canopy (folded) is near a set of steps on far right of building. Two utility poles are located along the sidewalk with two boxed trees between the utility poles. There is a man standing beneath a canopy on far right (rear) of the building. There is partial view of another business in the white wooden building on far left of photograph. Pencil writing on the back of the photograph reads: "Old Bank Building 1895 built Albert George Beasley".
Date: [1895..1900]

[A young boy standing next to a wrought iron stool]

Description: Studio portrait of a young boy. Writing on the back of the portrait is not fully legible but may identify the child as: "Edgar Eclantu (?) Montague (?) Hampton Va age 4 ys March 4th 1899". Edgar is wearing a dark colored short pant set with dark stockings, and dark colored lace-up ankle boots. He is standing next to a wrought iron stool. He has his right arm around the right side of the stool. The photograph is mounted on a light gray cardboard substrate with text embossed in the cardboard below the photo that reads: "Cheyne (initial intertwined with scrolls) Hampton Va."
Date: March 4, 1899

[A young woman wearing a white blouse with flowers around the neckline]

Description: Studio portrait of a young woman. The woman is wearing a white full-sleeved blouse that has flowers along the left shoulder and rounded neckline. She has her hair parted down the center and pulled up into a bun near the crown of her head. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate with silver text near bottom of cardboard that reads: "Weatherington, Velvet Finish. [underlined] Cottage Studio Cor. 16th St. and Avenue D, Temple, Tex." Brown text on back of photo reads: "The Cottage Studio, . . . Temple, Texas, Weatherington Bros., Prop's, Photographers and Portrait Artists. Old Pictures Copied In Any Style Practical Engraving And Designing For All Purposes. Photo Engraving and Half-Ton Etching On Copper, Steel And Zinc. All Work Warranted Permanent." Image dimensions are: 9.8 cm x 14.1 cm.
Date: [1896..1898]