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[Bust portrait of William Ryon]

Description: Bust portrait of William Ryon. The photograph is a copy from a book. William, who is dressed in a three piece suit, white shirt, and black ascot, has thinning hair that curls up over his ears. The picture has a thin black line bordering it. The photograph was placed in page 1 (top) of Mamie George's photo album.
Date: 1858 - 1875
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Lizzie Lamar George]

Description: Photograph of Lizzie Lamar George. Lizzie was the third wife of Ezekiel George. The oval portrait shows Lizzie wearing a dark button front dress with a rounded, velvet collar. She has a floral corsage pinned on her right shoulder. She is wearing a long necklace and her hair is loosely pulled back into a bun. On bottom of substrate: "Kersting, Galveston".
Date: 1853 - 1862
Item Type: Photograph

[A photograph of Lizzie Lamar George and a photograph of Ezekial George]

Description: The photograph is a copy of two separate photographs compiled into one. The photograph on left is portrait of Lizzie Lamar George taken by Kersting, Galveston (written on bottom of cardboard substrate of original). Lizzie was the third wife of Ezekial George. The oval portrait, shows Lizzie wearing a dark button front dress with rounded, velvet collar. She has a floral corsage pinned on her right shoulder. Her hair is loosely pulled up and back into a bun. The second photograph on right is a copy of an original tintype of Ezekial George. The tintype shows a bust portrait of George who has dark hair and mustache. The original tintype is cut in an oval and is placed in a folder. The back of the photo is stamped in magenta type: "A. S. Masterson Commercial Photography & Picture Framing Cathedral 7541 - San Antonio."
Date: 1855 - 1880
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Polly Ryon]

Description: Photograph of Polly Ryon. In this portrait that has been made into an oval, Polly is wearing a black dress with high neck collar. Lace edges can be seen above the top of the black collar. Ryon has a gold neck chain fitted around the collar with ends that fall below the chest, where portrait ends. She has her dark hair parted down the center and pulled back into a tight bun. Ryon is wearing ear drop earrings.
Date: 1855
Item Type: Photograph

[Texas map, 1852]

Description: Texas map, 1852. Titled "No. 13 Map of the State of Texas Engraved to Illustrate Mitchell's School and Family Geography."
Date: 1852
Item Type: Map

[Two unidentified men sitting in wooden chairs with their legs crossed]

Description: Tintype image of two unidentified men sitting in wooden chairs. Man on left is wearing knee high boots plaid pants, white shirt, jacket, and hat. He has his left ankle crossed over his right knee. He is holding a whiskey bottle in his left hand. The man on the left is wearing boots, dark pants (cuffed at the ankles), vest, jacket, white shirt, and hat. He has his left leg crossed over his right. His right arm is around the shoulders of the man to his right. The photo is securely taped in a white paper frame with oval cut. There is embossed pattern around the perimeter of the oval.
Date: 1850 - 1910
Item Type: Photograph

[William Ryon wearing a dark jacket and cravat]

Description: Pre-1971 copy of an original oval photograph of William Ryon. In the bust portrait, Ryon is wearing a dark jacket and vest with white shirt and dark cravat. His gray hair is thinning at the top and curls above his ears. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate. Image dimensions are: 13.7 cm X 19.5 cm
Date: 1855 - 1870
Item Type: Photograph