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[Photograph of Laura H. (Jones) Herbert]

Description: Photograph of Laura H. (Jones) Herbert. In this studio bust portrait, Laura is wearing a dark dress with puffed sleeves, and shirring down sides of bodice at lace inset. There is a small pin at center of lace collar. Laura has her hair pulled back into a bun. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate with "Chambers Montgomery." printed in gold at bottom. Thin gold line borders the perimeter of the cardboard. Written on back in pencil "Cousin Millie from Laura Herbert" and in black ink "Laura Herbert Sister of Polly Ryon".
Date: 1865 - 1875

[Red photo album]

Description: Red photo album with a white bead at each of the four corners of the front. On the side of album, written in gold: "Album" and towards the bottom on the side: "FLEXIBLE CHAIN-BACK PATD OCT 17. 1865 (P*)". Edges of pages are gold leafed and have images of flowers. Two brass latches with a brass flower on each one close the album.
Date: October 17, 1865

[William Kinchen Davis wearing a dark three-piece suit and holding a cane]

Description: Photograph (may have been taken from a book) of William Kinchen Davis. Davis is wearing a dark three-piece suit with white shirt and a dark bow tie. His graying hair is parted on his left side; his mustache is gray. The top of a cane is visible in the bottom, left, center of photograph. The portrait ends just above the waist. The image dimensions are 11.5 cm x 12.2 cm and the image is framed by a thin black line that separates it from a wide white border.
Date: [1865..1880]

[A young boy wearing a vertically striped gown]

Description: Tintype image of a young boy. He is sitting on a chair with each arm resting on an arm of the chair. He is wearing a vertically striped gown with white bloomers, white stockings and dark boots. His light colored hair is slightly sticking up in the middle of his head. Part of a woman's skirt is visible in the right side of the portrait.
Date: March 7, 1865

[A young girl wearing a pale green sweater]

Description: Oval tintype photograph of a young girl. She is wearing a pale green sweater, unbuttoned, with black edging and a white collar. She has a pink shirt on underneath. Her long, dark hair is parted down the middle and flowing to her back. Attached to a cardboard substrate. On right edge of substrate, embossed: "POTTERS PATENT MARCH 7, 1865".
Date: March 7, 1865