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[Albert Peyton George with an unidentified gentleman]

Description: Photograph of Albert Peyton George with an unidentified gentleman, who may possibly be William Kinchen Davis or J.H.P. Davis. George, who is standing on the right with his hands behind his back, is wearing a three piece suit, white shirt, tie, and felt hat. Partial view of Model T cars in background. There is a number "76" in bottom left corner of photo. Trees in right background. Back of photograph in pencil: "Feby [sic] 21st - 1915." and vertically "61".
Date: February 21, 1915

[The dirt driveway leading to the George house]

Description: Photograph looking down the dirt driveway leading to the George house. A white posted barbed wire fence runs along the right side up until the white picket fence that surrounds the George house in the distance. The two story white George house can be seen behind some small trees in the distance on the right. Directly down the driveway is a white garage with two garage doors open. On the left side is a white posted barbed wire fence. On back, handwritten: "GEORGE HOUSE".
Date: February 21, 1915

[Nine men and a little girl gathered around an automobile]

Description: Postcard image of nine men and a little girl on and around an automobile. The little girl is standing on the left fender of the automobile. Thomas Walter Davis is standing in the center of the photograph just beyond the image of the steering wheel. He is wearing a white shirt and a light colored square crowned felt hat. He is holding a cigarette in his left hand (visible below steering column of vehicle). To the right of the photograph is a sign reading: "J. T. DYER". On back of postcard is the Post Card mail information.
Date: 1915 - 1922

[Photograph of seven men standing in a row]

Description: Photograph of seven men standing in a row in front of the rear of two automobiles in a field. They are all wearing dark suits and ark hats. There is an automobile in the distance on the right and two near the men on the left. Dense trees line the background. On back, handwritten: "Feby 21st 1915".
Date: February 21, 1915