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[Black plastic charm with a floral design]

Description: Black plastic charm. There is a small flower with a pearl in the center and a butterfly sitting on top of the flower. There are four pearls in the butterfly's wings. The charm should be attached to something else.
Date: unknown

[Coin from Jamaica. "King George The Sixth"]

Description: Coin from Jamaica. The front states: "KING GEORGE THE SIXTH" with the image of King George's head. On the back it states: "JAMAICA 1950 ONE PENNY". On a banner underneath the Jamaican emblem it reads: "INDUS INTERQUE SERVIET UNI". Found in 2000.085.092 which is a small white box with "A.P. George" handwritten on the bottom of the box.
Date: 1950

[Black wooden box with a circular image of a young girl]

Description: Black wooden box. Small circular image of a young girl with a blue top and red pants is on front of box in center. Her left hand is extending in the air with her right hand extended downward. Interior is covered with purple paper. A small mirror is on the interior of the box lid.
Date: unknown

[Dark wood box lined on the inside with satin]

Description: Dark wood box lined on the inside with satin. On interior lid it states: "HOWARD." There is a black velvet area to hold a pocket watch. Underneath is piece of paper stating "HOWARD WATCH LICENSE". It states: "MOV'T No 1230903 CASE No. 163506" It goes on to list the patents used by Howard Watches and the license agreement between Howard Watches and the watch owner. At bottom it states" THE KEYSTONE WATCH CASE CO. (Proprietor of E. Howard Watch Works)".
Date: unknown

[White ceramic faced watch pendant]

Description: White ceramic faced watch pendant. The back is a silver metal with a stick pin to attach watch to clothing. Each number is encircled by a gold rope design. There is a separate dial for the second hand. Watch maker is "ELGIN" as printed on the watch face.
Date: unknown