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[Pin with ribbon]

Description: Pin with ribbon. Top "TEXAS BANKERS ASSOCIATION" Ribbon "SAN ANTONIO MAY 7 - 8 - 9 1912" Bottom in handwriting "J. H. Davis, J.H.P. Davis & Co., Richmond, Texas" Old Object Term: Commemorative pin, banker
Date: [1912-05-07..1912-05-09]

[Pin with a star at top reads: "EL PASO"]

Description: Pin with a star at top and "EL PASO" lettered on left side and "MAR 18020 1913" lettered on right side. Underneath on banner: "37TH ANNUAL CONVENTION". On a rectangular bar hanging from top tier by small chains: "EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE". Small red and white striped ribbon extends to circle on top of a star on bottom, it states: "CATTLE RAISERS' ASS'N OF TEXAS". Old Object Term: Commemorative pin, livestock
Date: [1913-03-18..1913-03-20]

[Belle Ryon Davis with a woman to her right and a young man to her left]

Description: Photograph of Belle Ryon Davis, center, with a woman to her right and a young man to her left. Davis, who has her gray hair pulled back into a bun and has wire rimmed glasses, is wearing a floor length white dress with elbow length sleeves. Shrubs in foreground. Trees, white picket fence and buildings in background. The photograph exhibits three bands of light areas possibly due to exposure problems, lighting, or being superimposed.
Date: [1910..1925]

[Nine men standing around and sitting in a Marion "Bob Cab" automobile]

Description: Photograph identical to 2000.014.002 There are nine men in the photograph standing around and sitting in a car that belonged to Dr. Chas. Castelaw and was a Marion 'Bob Cab'. Behind the car, to the right, is a J.T. Dyer sign. A small, brown haired girl, identified by writing on the substrate surrounding the picture as Martha Virginia Hinson (Ansel), is standing on the left fender of the car. From left to right, the men are identified as Bill Jones, Cap. Rich (Marshall Howard Rich) Chas. Crawford, Dr. Chas Castelaw, Walter Jones, "Bud" Davis, Earnest Farmer, Albert P. George Martha Virginia Huison (Ansel) and Joe Jones. Photo enclosed in an ivory, twofold substrate with identification markings (used in this description) on left side. On bottom, right corner of matte under photo, photographer's mark: "Boek Studio VICTORIA, TEXAS"
Date: October 5, 1910

[Photograph of Mr. And Mrs. J.H.P. Davis]

Description: Photograph of Mr. And Mrs. J.H.P. Davis. Mr. Davis, who has gray hair, is wearing dark slacks and dark vest with white long sleeved shirt. He is holding his dark, felt hat in his right hand. Mrs. Davis is wearing a light colored dress that is shirred from shoulders to waist and buttons from the collar to just below the waistline. Her gray hair is pulled back into a bun. The couple is standing on their front porch. White wooden building in background. The photograph is bordered by a black pattern.
Date: 1912 - 1927

[Photograph of Mr. And Mrs. J.H.P. Davis]

Description: Photograph of Mr. And Mrs. J.H.P. Davis. The photograph was taken outdoors. Mr. Davis is seated in a wooden chair and is wearing a dark three piece suit, white shirt, and dark bow tie. He is wearing a white hat with dark band. His hands are resting on his thighs. Mrs. Davis, who has her graying hair pulled loosely back into a bun, is wearing a white blouse with ruffles at collar and ends of her long sleeves and a floor length full dark skirt. Her hands are together are her waist. Back of photograph in pencil: "Mr. & Mrs. JHP Davis".
Date: 1910