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[Madeline and Louis Muegge in 1981]
Studio portrait of Madeline and Louis Muegge taken in 1981. Mrs. Muegge, who has short dark hair and wears eyeglasses, is wearing a light colored jacket, and high necked blouse. Mr. Muegge, who also wears eyeglasses, is wearing a light colored jacket, white shirt, and dark tie. The photograph ends just below the waist. Written on front of photograph in white area just below the image: "Madeline and Louis Muegge 1981".
[Newspaper article titled "Pushing cattle to Bellaire"]
Newspaper article titled "Pushing cattle to Bellaire Cowboy: No place like home on the range" taken from the HERALD COASTER and written by Sharon Wallingford dated Wednesday, April 27, 1988. The article spotlights Oscar "Lightning" Autrey, a African-American cowboy. Written at the top of the article "Grandpa Jodarski first settled in Booth Tex when he came here - This is how it was 1920 - He knew Mr & Mrs Booth well. Written at bottom: "Ethel was born in Booth, Texas."
[Manila envelope with a note written on it]
Manila envelope that contained four photographs. Text written in red ink near top of envelope reads: "Note: It appears that these photograph were among items belonging to Stanley Decker that were in George Office vault - Sent to the park on 2-12-82-".