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[The George Ranch house and cistern house]

Description: Postcard image of the George Ranch House taken before December 21, 1924. The ranch house is a two story white wooden home with four visible brick chimneys. The bottom porch of the house has brick columns, while the top porch has white, round columns and both have white wooden railing. There is one dormer above the top porch. The cistern house has a stairway with white railing leading to the door near top. There is an African-American man standing next to the white picket fence on the left side of the photo. Three people are sitting on the front porch of the house. In this photograph, note that both porches are open, the cistern house is unpainted, upstairs and downstairs windows are shuttered, the cistern house has a weather vane at the top, foul pens in front of house, and no driveway has been formed in front of the house. Underneath the picture, hand-written: "GEORGE HOUSE MADE INTO TWO STORY". Back of post card in black: "Post Card Correspondence Here Name and Address Here AZO [written four times to form a square with triangles in each corner] Place Stamp Here [written inside of square]. Images are slightly blurred.
Date: [1911..1924]

[Postcard image of a child and a man outdoors]

Description: Postcard image of a child and a man outdoors. The child, standing to the left of the photo, is wearing a white short pants suit. The man is on his hands and knees beneath a palm plant. There is foliage and a wooden fence (near center right) in the background. Partial view of a large wooden building with turret in left background. The postcard was cut, so the text on back is only partially viewed. Partial text reads: "-Ost Card [Postmark] Sep [not legible] [1 cent green stamp with image of Ben Franklin and his birth death date of 1706 1790] Mrs. A. P. George". Other partial text in blue ink.
Date: [1900..1920]

[Postcard image of a man standing on the front of a locomotive]

Description: Postcard image of a man standing on the front of a locomotive. The man with long white beard is wearing knee high boots, dark slacks, white long sleeved shirt, and dark hat. The locomotive has flags flying near top left, and right, Texas flag flying on lower right, and has a number "3009" in center front. Text at bottom of photo reads: "At Booth, Tex Nov. 11th 1911". Railroad tracks in foreground, trees on left, wooden building with people standing beside it on right.
Date: November 11, 1911

[Postcard image of a dark horse standing in a yard]

Description: Postcard image of a dark horse standing in a yard. The horse is facing an exterior wall of a white wooden building with dark painted shutters. There is a fence with white wooden gate near bottom left corner. In the background, there is a white wooden box around a small tree near corner of the house, wire fence, gate, and small wooden building with surrounding trees on other side of wire fence.
Date: unknown

["Jaybird Monument, Richmond, Texas"]

Description: Postcard image of the Jaybird Monument, Richmond, Texas. The free-standing monument with a bird sculpted at top is enclosed by a wrought iron fence. There is landscaping in and around the fenced area of the monument. Two large trees behind the monument provide shade; railroad tracks (crossing sign visible) extend from left vertically. There is a two story stucco building on right. The postcard has a silver border around image. Text on back of post card reads: "Clear View Post Card For Correspondence Mfd. By Wayne Paper Box & Prtg. Corp., Fort Wayne, Ind. Place Stamp Here".
Date: unknown