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[Three men next to a large amount of hunted ducks]

Description: Photograph of two men sitting on a porch and one man standing around a string of hunted ducks, with more ducks lying on the ground under the string. The ducks are strung from the right on the porch and extend off the left of the photo. The man on the left is wearing dark trousers, shirt and hat with white suspenders. The men sitting down are wearing light colored pants. The one on the left is wearing a light colored shirt and hat while the one on the right is wearing a light colored shirt and a dark vest and hat.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of southwest view of Camp George]

Description: Photograph of southwest view of Camp George. It is a dark, one story building with a chimney on the west side, and two more on other sides of the house and six windows on the west side and a screened front porch on the south side. Fourteen vehicles are parked around the house with three men visible in center right of photograph. A large tree is in the left of the photo with more trees behind the Camp in center, right of photo. On bottom of photo, handwritten: "Camp George. View from southwest."
Date: unknown

[Red velvet autograph album]

Description: Red velvet autograph album containing many loose photos between the pages. Belonged to Mamie Davis George, as indicated by autographs and messages on various pages. One of front pages states: "Awarded to "Miss Mamie Davis" By her Music teacher Minnie E Andrew April 1st 1886".
Date: April 1, 1886

[Multiple tents camped out in front of a building]

Description: Photograph, possibly taken in Cuba, of a large, ornate two story building. There is a flag in flying in the top, center of the building. Multiple tents are camped out in front of the building, with trees surrounding the tents and lining the sidewalk. Two men in the center of the photo are walking towards the building. A man is sitting on a horse drawn cart in the left side of the photo. Attached to a cardboard substrate with scalloped edges.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of the back of the George house]

Description: Photograph of the back of the George house. Same photo as image 2000.080.033 Large water tower in center of photo with cables extending from it. George house behind with two chimneys visible. Large tree on left side of photo and white building on right side with the edge of a smaller building visible on the far right. Snow covers the ground. On bottom of photo, handwritten: "Dec 21 1924"
Date: December 21, 1924

[Photograph of Morton Street]

Description: Photograph of Morton Street. Buildings line both sides of the road, with automobiles in front of them. Likewise, telephone cables line the street in front of the buildings. On the left side signs protruding from buildings read: DRUGS, Rich Caf� COLD DRINKS, MOTEL. Signs on right side read: GARGOULE Mobiloil VACUUM OIL COMPANY, DAILY B__'s Co GROCERIES HARDWARE FE, Gabriel Snubbers SALES & SERVICE. On the left side of the street is a horse drawn carriage and men standing outside of the first building. On bottom of photo, handwritten: "Morton St. Richmond Tex."
Date: unknown

[Three men in a field preparing recently hunted game]

Description: Photograph of three men in the middle of a field preparing recently hunted game. Two men are preparing the meat on a small, makeshift table. The third man is standing back and slightly right and looking on to the work of the other two men. There is a long grill resting over a pit smoking the meat. White smoke is rising on the right side of the picture. Trees line the background.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of small wooden building with the side of another building]

Description: Photograph of small wooden building with the side of another building visible further back and to the right. The small building has a chimney between a window and a door and is propped up on wood slats. Two windows are on the west side of the building and one on the south side next to the chimney. Snow covers the ground and icicle hang from the roof top and ledges of the windows. Some dark objects are directly behind and to the left of the small building.
Date: December 21, 1924

[A woman standing beside a chair wearing a black dress and hat]

Description: Photograph of a woman standing facing left with her right hand resting on the top of a tapestry chair that has a white crocheted blanket draped across it while her left arm is by her side and holding a hand fan. In this studio portrait, the woman is wearing a dark dress with pleats along the bottom and a bow on the side and a long-sleeved, fitted jacket with buttons from the waste to the neck. White ruffles at her cuffs extend from the dark jacket and she is wearing black crocheted gloves. A watch chain hangs around her neck and down to a pocket watch in a small pocket on the front of her jacket. She is wearing dangle earrings and a dark hat with flowers on the left side sits atop her dark, curly hair. The backdrop is of a room with a fireplace on the right side. A table with books on it sits behind and to the left of the chair. Attached to a cardboard substrate. On bottom of matte, photographer's mark: "BARR & WRIGHT HOUSTON, TEX".
Date: unknown

[Leather glove with bead design on it]

Description: Left glove of a pair of leather gloves. Leather cuff attached to glove is edged with red fabric, while interior is lined with a neutral plaid fabric. Turqoise and white string hangs off left side. On top of glove is a traditional Native American design using blue, two shades of red, white, green and yellow beads. On each sheath is a traditional design. On alternating fingers, the design uses either blue, yellow, and red beads or green, red and light blue beads. The thumb is not decorated.
Date: unknown

[Buffalo Bull's Horn]

Description: Buffalo Bull's Horn decorated with beaded buckskin along the opening and blue beads along the edge of the opening. Label states: "Given to FMO Fenn April 21, 1883 by W.A. "Bigfoot" Wallace;" presented to J.H.P. Davis for his birthday, January 11, 1919. (Label missing 10/11/2000)
Date: unknown

[Photograph of houses with the yards, trees and houses covered with snow and ice]

Description: Photograph of houses, probably in Richmond, with the yards, trees and houses covered with snow and ice. There is a tall tree in the center, left with branches weighted down and bent because of the ice covering them. A barbed wire fence is directly behind it with small trees in the yard of the houses on the left of the photo. Branches from large trees are on the right edge of the photo. The sidewalk, that looks freshly shoveled, extends from the middle of the right edge of the photo across the foreground of the picture.
Date: unknown

[The northwest corner of the "M.E. Church Richmond, Tex."]

Description: Postcard with a photo of the northwest corner of the "M.E. Church Richmond, Tex." as handwritten at the bottom of the photo. It is a three story building made of dark brick with white edging around the windows. Three entranceways face the north side with steps leading up to them and three large windows above the entranceway with a smaller one at the point of the building. One square portion of the building with four windows on each side protrudes from the northeast and northwest corner. There is a simple door on the far right of the building on the west side, along with a small window over the door and three large windows on the west side. The building sits on the corner of a street. Two two-story houses sit on the church's left side.
Date: unknown

[Gold pocket watch with floral engraving on both sides]

Description: 14K gold pocket watch with floral engraving on both sides. The perimeter is decorated with diamond shape engravings and small swirled patterned engravings. Inscribed inside the back cover: "Mother to Albert Oct 7th 1891". Watch maker is "Elgin Natl, Watch Co." as seen on face of watch. Time is demarcated by roman numerals and has a separate dial for the seconds. A black ribbon with a gold two-pronged buckle on it is attached to the watch by a small gold chain.
Date: October 7, 1891

[Northeast corner of the "Brazos River Bridge"]

Description: Photograph of the northeast corner of the "Brazos River Bridge Richmond Tex." as handwritten on the bottom of the photo. The river is very low, so the two cement foundations for the bridge can be seen. Trees line the left side of the photo and behind the bridge, with brush on the right side of the photo. Shallow water can be seen center, right of photo.
Date: unknown

["Grammar School Richmond Tex."]

Description: Photograph of "Grammar School Richmond Tex." as handwritten on the bottom of the photo. The building is a dark bricked two story building with a square portion on the northeast corner that appears to be a separate building attached to the primary building. In this square portion are two arched entranceways. The east side of the building has three windows on the first floor, three arched windows on the second floor and a round window on the very top. On the north side there are two windows on the first floor, one in between the first and second and two on the second. There are two trees on the left side of the image and grass in the foreground.
Date: unknown

[Albert Peyton George with an unidentified gentleman]

Description: Photograph of Albert Peyton George with an unidentified gentleman, who may possibly be William Kinchen Davis or J.H.P. Davis. George, who is standing on the right with his hands behind his back, is wearing a three piece suit, white shirt, tie, and felt hat. Partial view of Model T cars in background. There is a number "76" in bottom left corner of photo. Trees in right background. Back of photograph in pencil: "Feby [sic] 21st - 1915." and vertically "61".
Date: February 21, 1915