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[Albert Peyton George holding the lead rope of a horse]

Description: Photograph of Albert Peyton George holding the lead rope of a horse. Mr. George is wearing a three piece dark suit and a light colored felt hat. Wooden barns with stock pens in background. Dog in front of the wooden partition of the stock pen in background just to the right of George. Engraved in bottom left corner: "H. H. Morris, Galveston, Tex."
Date: 1910

[Bust photograph of a young woman]

Description: Bust photograph of a young woman. She is wearing a dark dress that buttons up the front and has a white collar. She is also wearing dangle earrings. Her dark hair is parted down the center and pulled back. Attached to a cardboards substrate. On bottom of substrate, under photo: "BLESSING & Co. GALVESTON".
Date: unknown

[Davis George as an infant, wearing a long white gown]

Description: Portrait of [infant] Davis George. George is wearing a long white gown with white lace trim. He is sitting on a tassel edged flower print blanket. George is not wearing shoes. The photograph is mounted on a beveled black cardboard matte. Bottom of the matte is embossed in gold: Zahn (in round emblem) 418 Tremont Galveston, Tex. Image dimensions are: 9.8 cm x 14.1 cm.
Date: [1897..1899]

[A docked boat with four men and a boy onboard]

Description: Photograph of a docked boat with four men and a boy onboard. The dock is to the left with three men standing in the distance. The boat has wooden baskets and barrels in it, with the man on the right sitting on a box. The young boy is standing on the edge of the boat closest to the dock. On the back of the boat, painted: "SPECTRE GALVESTON". Water is on right side and in the distance.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a duck with her 21 ducklings]

Description: Photograph of a duck with her 21 ducklings. Engraved at bottom right of photo: "H. H. Morris, Galveston, Tex." The photograph was removed from the Mamie George photo album page 20.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Mamie E. Davis]

Description: Photograph of Mamie E. Davis. Davis is wearing a white puffed sleeve blouse with a large rounded lace collar. Her dark hair is pulled up into a bun near the crown of her head. She is wearing diamond ear drop earrings. The portrait ends at the waist. Davis is facing the right. The photograph is mounted on a gray cardboard matte. Written on back of photograph in pencil: "Mamie Davis George at Baylor College". Image dimensions are: "14.1 cm x 9.7 cm. Similar to 2000.015.004 with the exception of hair style.
Date: 1891 - 1895

[Photograph of Ruth M. Forsgard]

Description: Photograph of Ruth M. Forsgard taken in Galveston, Texas. Forsgard, who is standing outdoors near a shrub, is wearing a dark skirt with bolero style jacket, white blouse, and dark hat with floral trim on left side. Forsgard is holding her purse on her left wrist. She is standing near the parking lot of a hotel (may be the Hotel Galvez). Car in right rear, high rise hotel in left background, palm trees in right background. Written on back of photo in blue ink: "Ruth M. Forsgard 1809-H Galveston Texas 1951". Stamped on back in blue: "1209" with watermark: "Kodak Velox Paper". The photograph has scalloped edging.
Date: 1951

[Studio portrait of two young men in dark suits]

Description: Photograph enclosed behind Funeral Notice of R. J. Calder. In this studio portrait, two young men are present. The one on the left is sitting in a chair with fabric draped over it. His left leg is crossed over his left with his left hand resting on his thigh and his right arm resting on the top of the chair. He is wearing a dark three piece suit, large dark print tie and a white collared shirt. His dark hair is parted on the left side. The next gentleman is standing to the right of the seated man. His right arm is touching the back of the seated man while his left hand is placed behind his back. He is wearing a dark three piece suit with the first button of the long coat buttoned. A watch fob can be seen on his vest. He is also wearing a white collared shirt and a dark tie. His hair is parted on the left side. At bottom of matte, photographer's mark: "Rose GALVESTON" Attached to a cardboard substrate.
Date: January 1, 1885

[Thomas Walter (Bud) Davis wearing a dark suit, tie, and hat]

Description: Photograph of Thomas Walter (Bud) Davis. In the portrait, Davis is wearing a dark suit, dark tie with white striping, and a light colored felt hat with a flat, squared crown. The photograph ends just below the waist. The portrait is encased in a pale gray folder. The photograph is mounted directly on a tan matte with embossed border. In gray print near bottom of portrait: "H. H. Morris, Galveston, Texas." Front closure of folder an embossed "M" in top left corner. A tissue paper page is part of the folder and serves as protection for the photograph when folder is closed. On the back of the folder in the top left corner written vertically: "10988 [line] 2". Written in pencil at top right of inside cover: "T. W. (Bud) Davis". Image dimensions are: 13.2 cm x 18.2 cm. The photograph is adhered to the folder and is therefore accessioned as a unit.
Date: 1890 - 1900

[W.A. Hughes wearing a hat and a polka dotted tie]

Description: Bust photograph of W.A. Hughes. He is wearing a dark coat, with a white handkerchief in the left pocket, a dark collared shirt and a polka dotted tie. He has on a light colored hat. Embossed on lower, right corner, photographer's mark: "MURILLO STUDIO GALVESTON TEX."
Date: 1954?-01-11