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[Photograph of a bride and groom, Mr. And Mrs. Pete Frost. Mrs. Frost]

Description: Photograph of a bride and groom, Mr. And Mrs. Pete Frost. Mrs. Frost is wearing a white scoop neckline dress with leaf shaped lace near shoulders. Lace continues to just below waist where the satin and tulle skirt begins. She is wearing white open toe shoes and a white lace covered hat. She has a single strand of pearls at her neck and pearl drop earrings in her ears. Mr. Frost is wearing a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie, and has a white carnation pinned on his left lapel. He has his left leg in a cast. The couple is standing in front of a white linen topped table with a rose filled vase as centerpiece. A silver tray of mints is in front of the silver vase. Silver candelabra holds white taper candles. A stack of plates can be seen on far left of table. Partial view of a wooden chair on far right. Wood framed mirror in left background. Double white doors in right background. Written in black ink at bottom of photo: "Pete Frost [&] Bride". Text near bottom right corner reads: "(Black image of photographer and camera in circle) Zavell Smith Photographer". Stamped on back in black: "Reorder By Negative No. No. 15540 [in pencil] - 14 Zavalla` Smith Photographers 2118 N. Main Ave. San Antonio 18, Texas". The photograph was removed from the Mamie George photo album page 23.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of the Alamo]

Description: Photograph of the Alamo. It is a white, two story building. There are two men standing on opposite sides of the entrance.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of the bride and groom, taken at the wedding of Mr. And Mrs. Pete Frostat]

Description: Photograph taken at the wedding of Mr. And Mrs. Pete Frost. The bride and groom, at center of photograph, is looking over the table as Pete Frost, Jr. signs the marriage certificate. The man seated on left may be the person who performed the ceremony but he is otherwise, unidentified. Beginning from second person on left: Vernon Frost, Mrs. Frost, Pete Frost, Pete Frost, Jr. (with pen in hand). Table with box and papers in foreground. Stamped in black on back of photo: "Reorder By Negative No. No. 15540 [in pencil] - 18 Zavelle` Smith Photographers 2118 N. Main Ave. San Antonio 12, Texas".
Date: unknown

[Woman sitting in an automobile with three people standing nearby]

Description: Photograph of a woman sitting in an automobile as three people stand nearby. The woman, sitting in the driver's seat, is wearing a white blouse. Woman standing nearest car door is wearing a dark colored ankle length dress. Man standing in center is wearing a dark three piece suit. Man on far right, who is standing with his hands on his hips, is wearing knee high boots, pants, and jacket (may be a military outfit). The dirt road is to the right of the photo; wooden buildings with bare trees beside them in right and left background. Writing in black ink: "San Antonio Texas March 10 1918." Stamped on back in black "20".
Date: March 10, 1918