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[Albert Peyton George wearing a three piece plaid suit and holding a hat]

Description: Photograph of Albert Peyton George. George, who is wearing a three piece plaid (thin) suit (top button is buttoned). He is holding his hat in his left hand. His right hand is in an urn that is resting on top of a pillar to George's right. There are vines in front of and draped over the pillar. George has his right leg over his left leg. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate. In black print at bottom of cardboard: "Rose & Schmedling, Galveston."
Date: [1886..1888]

[Belle Ryon Davis wearing a dress with ruffled insets]

Description: Studio portrait of Belle Ryon Davis. In this bust portrait, Davis is wearing a dress with puffed sleeves and ruffled insets above shoulders. There is heavy embroidered stitching at edges of collar and down the center of the dress. Davis' graying hair near forehead is curled and the rest of her dark hair is pulled back into a bun. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate with gold trimmed scalloped edging.
Date: 1880