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[A woman standing beside a chair wearing a black dress and hat]

Description: Photograph of a woman standing beside a chair with her right hand resting on the back of the chair. He left arm is by her side and her left hand is holding a closed fan. She is wearing a dark, full dress that buttons from the waist up with large white buttons. A watch fob is around her neck and extends down to a small pocket in her dress. She is wearing dangle earrings and a decorative hat. A white crocheted throw is draped over the chair. The backdrop resembles the interior room of a house. Attached to a cardboard substrate. At bottom of substrate, under photo, photographer's mark: "CABINET PORTRAIT C.J. Wright. Houston, Texas.". On back, handwritten: "Nolie Hinson J.H.P. Davis' Sister Martha Anseli's paternal grandmother. A yellow post-it note attached states: "Possibly Jane G. Davis In either case this would not be M.A.'s paternal grandmother". (Removed)
Date: unknown

[Young girl standing on a covered platform]

Description: Photograph of a young girl standing on a covered platform. Possibly could be Nona Davis. Her left harm is resting on the top of the platform. She is wearing a dark jacket over a dark button up vest and a dark skirt that falls just below her knees. The skirt has pleats at the bottom. She has on horizontally striped leggings with dark lace-up boots. Her left hand is down by her side. Underneath photo, on matte, photographer's mark: "FROM Anderson's 85 MAIN STREET, HOUSTON, TEXAS". Attached to a cardboard substrate.
Date: unknown