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["Upstream Face Of Boulder Dam"]

Description: Postcard image the "Upstream Face Of Boulder Dam" as written in white text near bottom right of postcard. Observation Point is in the foreground. The dam is in the center of the photograph. There is a boat cruising through the water near center right (wake of water seen behind boat). Canyon mountains in background. Black text on back of postcard reads: "Message Post Card Address [in black line rectangle] Postage 1 [cent]".
Date: 1925/1935

[Wily Jones standing on a wooden porch]

Description: Postcard of Wily Jones standing on the wooden porch of a building with shutters on his left side. Wiley Jones has white hair, long white beard and is wearing a light colored shirt, dark sweater (buttoned halfway down), dark, cuffed trousers and boots. He is holding a dark hat in his left hand. His right hand is closed by his right side. He is looking off to his left.
Date: unknown