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[Photograph of T. W. Davis sitting on the steps]

Description: Photograph of T. W. Davis sitting on the steps leading to the front porch of a house. Davis is wearing a dark suit and tie with a white shirt and light colored felt hat. Balustrade of porch to left Three hanging baskets are hanging from porch ceiling. A wooden rocker to the right of photo. Sidewalk in foreground. Back of photograph in pencil: "123".
Date: 1910 - 1918

[Pin with a star at top reads: "EL PASO"]

Description: Pin with a star at top and "EL PASO" lettered on left side and "MAR 18020 1913" lettered on right side. Underneath on banner: "37TH ANNUAL CONVENTION". On a rectangular bar hanging from top tier by small chains: "EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE". Small red and white striped ribbon extends to circle on top of a star on bottom, it states: "CATTLE RAISERS' ASS'N OF TEXAS". Old Object Term: Commemorative pin, livestock
Date: [1913-03-18..1913-03-20]

[Pin with ribbon]

Description: Pin with ribbon. Top "TEXAS BANKERS ASSOCIATION" Ribbon "SAN ANTONIO MAY 7 - 8 - 9 1912" Bottom in handwriting "J. H. Davis, J.H.P. Davis & Co., Richmond, Texas" Old Object Term: Commemorative pin, banker
Date: [1912-05-07..1912-05-09]

[Postcard image of a man standing on the front of a locomotive]

Description: Postcard image of a man standing on the front of a locomotive. The man with long white beard is wearing knee high boots, dark slacks, white long sleeved shirt, and dark hat. The locomotive has flags flying near top left, and right, Texas flag flying on lower right, and has a number "3009" in center front. Text at bottom of photo reads: "At Booth, Tex Nov. 11th 1911". Railroad tracks in foreground, trees on left, wooden building with people standing beside it on right.
Date: November 11, 1911

[Postcard image of "White Villa Marlin Tex June 20 1919"]

Description: Postcard image of "White Villa Marlin Tex June 20 1919" as written in white text at bottom of image. The photograph shows eight children seated in the grass, five women seated in chairs, and six men and one woman standing. The group is in front of a white wooden building. There is a wire and wooden post fence in left background; shrubs on right and in left background.
Date: June 20, 1919

[Ten men in uniform, mounted on dark horses]

Description: Postcard of ten men in uniform mounted on dark horses. There are fifteen horses in the picture; eight harnessed to two separate buggies. Two men on horses are in the foreground of the other eight, who are lined up in a row. There are two trees in the far left of the postcard. There is a white "East National Bank" building in the background and a smaller building in the far right center of the picture. On the back of the postcard: "10/15/17 (at top) Oct 16 2 PM (post office stamp) 1 cent stamp" Addressed to "Mr and Mrs APGeorge Richmond, Texas" Other writing is on back, but illegible due to the back of the postcard's attachment to the back of another postcard.
Date: October 15, 1917

[Three men watching over an open pit cookout at Camp George]

Description: Photograph of three African-American men watching over an open pit cookout at Camp George. Notation on front of photograph in blue ink "Feb 22 1910 Camp George" Man on left (in background) is seated on a pile of wood. Man in center is dressed in dark slacks, white jacket, and black tie. He is holding a plate possibly in preparation to serve guests of Camp George. Man on right is bent over the grill filled with meats. There is a large serving platter on the far right of the grill. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate.
Date: February 22, 1910

[Three men wearing suits and hats, outside of a building]

Description: Outdoor photograph of three men titled "At Deadwood S. D. Aug. '19" The three men are dressed in suits and ties and they are wearing hats. The man on left is holding a cigarette between his fingers and his hand is at his chest. The men are standing on a wooden sidewalk with an ornate wrought iron rail on left and the exterior wall of a stucco building on right. Mountain with trees in left background. Written on back in pencil: "3".
Date: August 1919

[Three tiered San Antonio livestock "Executive Committee" pin]

Description: Three tiered pin that is connected by small chains. The top rectangular pin states "Executive Committee". Second tier is circular with an image of the Alamo in center. Underneath it states: "35TH ANNUAL CONVENTION MARCH 21-23, 1911 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS". Third tier is a blue star with a white circle on top that states: "CATTLE RAISERS ASSOCIATION OF TEXAS". Old Object Term: Commemorative pin, livestock
Date: [1911-03-21..1911-03-23]

[Two men standing on a wooden bridge]

Description: Photograph of two men standing on a wooden bridge in "Beatrice, Nebr. Feb. 1919" as written below image. The two men are wearing dark suits, overcoats, gloves, and hats (man on left dark felt hat; man on right golf cap). They are standing on a wooden snow covered bridge. They have their arms resting on the iron rail. Written in pencil on back: "12".
Date: February 1919

[Two tiered "Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress" pin]

Description: Two tiered pin connected with small chains. Top tier is a circle atop a pair of wings. Lettering states: "TRANS-MISSISSIPPI COMMERCIAL CONGRESS". Second tier has an image of a woman sitting with left hand extended upward holding a torch and right hand holding a corn stalk. Lettering on either side states: "NOV 1910 SAN ANTONIO, TEX." Old Object Term: Commemorative pin
Date: November 1910

[Woman sitting in an automobile with three people standing nearby]

Description: Photograph of a woman sitting in an automobile as three people stand nearby. The woman, sitting in the driver's seat, is wearing a white blouse. Woman standing nearest car door is wearing a dark colored ankle length dress. Man standing in center is wearing a dark three piece suit. Man on far right, who is standing with his hands on his hips, is wearing knee high boots, pants, and jacket (may be a military outfit). The dirt road is to the right of the photo; wooden buildings with bare trees beside them in right and left background. Writing in black ink: "San Antonio Texas March 10 1918." Stamped on back in black "20".
Date: March 10, 1918

[A woman wearing a dark colored dress and a heart shaped pendant]

Description: Studio portrait of a woman. The woman is wearing a dark colored dress with square neckline and sleeves of black floral tulle. The woman has several strands of beads around her neck with a double set that are clasped together by a heart shaped pendant. The woman has short graying hair. The photograph was enclosed in folder 2000.057.025a. Inverted lettering and numbers at top of photograph (not legible).
Date: [1910..1935]