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Documents pertaining to the case of Mills & Jackush vs. Almyra Walton, cause no. 136, 1855

Description: Documents relating to the right to property case of Mills & Jackush vs. Almyra Walton include several copies of mark and brand records used by Mr. and Mrs. Walton, as well as documents from the trial which include, but are not limited to: interrogatories to be propounded to Henry Harris with a copy, a citation for Almyra Walton, a subpoena to summon Tandy Howeth, a statement by attorneys about the trial to right of property, exceptions for plaintiff, interrogatories and cross interrogatories to be propounded to Thomas J. Walton, a copy of interrogatories and commissions, a notice from the attorneys of the defendent, statements from two different juries, and the facts, exceptions and rulings judge as well as a statement certifying that the property was not delivered as ruled. Documents were submitted to the District Court of Henderson County and filed by the Clerk.
Date: 1854 - 1859
Creator: Gray, W. M.